Yacht Services & Facilities in Anguilla, Eastern Caribbean

Anguilla, the northernmost of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean, is a British Overseas Territory with a population of around 15,000 people.

Anguilla is known for its excellent dive sites, beaches and cuisine rather than its yacht services and facilities which are very limited. Those it has can be found here, but the neighbouring island of St Martin (just a short ferry trip away) is the place to go for spares and equipment, and to get work done on the boat.

Nevertheless, Anguilla is a great place to visit by boat. Just drop the hook in Road Bay, clear-in at Customs & Immigration near the dinghy dock, and grab yourself a beer and a bite to eat at one of the beach bars and restaurants.

Taylor Made Anguilla International Flag; 12'' X 18''

Currency:  Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC)

Official Language: English

International Dialing Code: 1 264

Port of Entry: Road Bay

Click on any one of the following boating resources to find the providers of the services you require:~

If the particular Yacht Service or Facility that you're looking for isn't shown here, it means that it probably isn't available on this island. If you know differently, then please let us know...

Boatyards & Marinas

Time Out Boatyard: ph 0690 844047;

Rebel Marineph 264-497-2616;

Yacht Haven Grande Anguillaph 264-498-4000;

Chandleries & Fishing Gear Suppliers

Anguilla Techni Sales: ph 264-497-3643;

Time Out Boatyard: ph 0690 844047;

Dive Centres

Douglas Carty: 497-4567;

Shoal Bay Scuba: 264-235-1482

Electrical & Electronic Services

Bobcat: 264-497-5974;

Anguilla Techni Sales: ph 264-497-3643;

Gas Bottle Refills

Anguilla Techni Sales: ph 264-497-3643;

Hull Painting and Brightwork Specialists

Time Out Boatyard: ph 0690 844047;

Hull Repair & Gelcoat Specialists

Time Out Boatyard: ph 0690 844047;

Outboard Motor Service & Repair

Anguilla Techni Sales: ph 264-497-3643;

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers

Bobcat: 264-497-5974;

Shipwrights & Carpenters

Rebel Marine: ph 264-497-2616;

Welding & Stainless Steel Fabrication

Anguilla Techni Sales: ph 264-497-3643;

Yacht Management & Guardianage

Axa Yacht Services: ph 264-584-3826;

BWA Yachtingph 264-584-0748;

LH Enterprisesph 264-581-5683;

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