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Currently located in the Caribbean, sailing yacht 'Flow' – a DELTA 36 – is a fast, classic sailboat with great stability and comfort under sail. In 2007 she was set up for long-term cruising, and has since made several Atlantic crossings. She's an ideal turnkey, bluewater, liveaboard sailboat.

'Flow' has been meticulously maintained, and continuously updated. In 2018, the bottom was professionally sanded and painted with five coats of West-System Epoxy Barrier Coat 422, followed by three coats International High Solid Underwater Epoxy Primer.

Work and installations completed in 2017:

  • 5 tinted Plexiglas windows (in 2016) (600€);
  • Maxwell Vetus RC 8 chain/rode Anchor Windlass (2,000€);
  • Sterling A2B 12V 80A Charge controller (400€);
  • House batteries, 4 Trojan T125, 6V 240Ah (900€);
  • Starter battery, Banner Power Bull P95 04, 12V 95Ah 760CCA (100€);
  • Sterling 230V True-sine inverter 12V 1600W (500€);
  • Vesper Marine AIS Transceiver WMX850 (1,500€);
  • Phaesun Solar panels 2x 90 & 2x 60 = 300 Watt;
  • Victron MPPT 100I30 (1,000€);
  • LED interior lights (500€);
  • Other electronics, connections for other listed components, new Battery monitor, new shunt, etc. (3,500€);
  • Bimini Top including canopy frame and dodger (3,400€);
  • Furuno LCD-Radar 1623 (1,200€);
  • Completely re-rigged, new forestay, backstay and shrouds 2017 (3,000€);
  • Several thru-hulls replaced in 2017 (1,200€);
  • Used AVON Dinghy Hypalon GRP bottom 2,80m ≈ 9 ft (1,200€);
  • New securable plexiglass companionway hatch doors (500€);
  • Steel companionway hatch doors with air vents (500€);
  • 2nd rack with outboard holder and lifting arm, radar platform, solar panel mounts (1,500€).

Work and installations completed in 2018:
  • Rebuilt fiberglass part of rudders (1,500€);
  • Bottom sanded to fiberglass, Trimmruder glassed flush to keel, 5 coats Epoxy Barrier Coat West-System 422, 3 coats International High Solid Underwater Epoxy Primer and 2 coats Seajet 038 Taisho Antifouling (2,000€);
  • Freeboard sprayed with International Epoxy Primer,International Topside Basecoat Awl-grip Topside Paint (3,000€);
  • New outboard, Tohatsu MFS 9.8 PS BS-2520 4-stroke (2,000€);
  • New mainsail in 2019 (1,500€).

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The designer Uwe Bartels envisioned the Delta 36 as a race boat, and it is fast, but it is also a secure and comfortable liveaboard with classic lines. The boat meets the IOR and KR racing standards.

The center of mass of the boat is very deep, because all heavy parts (water tanks, engine, batteries) are under the water line. Together with the smooth hull design, this gives the boat good handling in conditions ranging from light winds to storm winds with heavy waves. The boat cuts elegantly through the waves and doesn't pound heavily.

With the small hull profile and long overhang, the form recalls designs by Sparkman & Stephens. The hull is built with a mid-length keel, which gives it a good balance of stability and maneuverability.


General Description

Builder: Delta Gesellschaft für Kunststoffverarbeitung m.b.H. Hamburg
Designer: Uwe Barthels
Year: 1971
Hull number: 4

Length overall: 10,94 m ≈ 36 ft
Length waterline: 8,06 m ≈ 27 ft
Beam: 3 m ≈ 10 ft
Draft: 1,80 m ≈ 6 ft

Displacement: 5,8 t ≈ 13.000 lb
Ballast: 2,8 t ≈ 6.000 lb (cast iron)

IOR Certificate: 24,43 (1984)
KR Certificate: 6,93 KR

Largest sail area: 65 m² ≈ 700 sq ft

Engine: Volvo MD2B, 25 PS/HP with Martec dual-water cooling,
completely overhauled 2007 and partial refit 2018

Water capacity: 2 x 85 Liter ≈ 22 gal (170 Liter ≈ 45 gal) + Water maker (needs repair)
Diesel capacity: 140 Liter ≈ 37 gal + 40 Liter ≈ 10 gal in Jerry cans
Kerosene: 50 Liter ≈ 13 gal in jerry cans


The hull and deck in GRP to German Lloyd specifications (Certificate available), very sturdily built. The hull is still in excellent condition. Even sailing close to the wind, there‘s no creaking in the interior. All fittings are glassed into the hull with at least 5-10 cm ≈ 2-4” of overlap. The hull itself is as thick as 2 cm ≈ 0,78”in some places.

The running board is made of thick, strong teak, up to 10 cm ≈ 4” high. The cockpit has teak benches and grating.

The water tanks – GRP 2 x 85 Liter ≈ 22 gal – are under the salon benches. The GRP Diesel tank (140 Liter ≈ 37 gal) is hull-integral, located under the steps of the companionway.

The interior is of highest quality and in good condition. The construction is all professionally done. The interior is a mix of plywood with mahogany veneer (doors and walls) and 1-2 cm ≈ 0,39-0,78” thick solid mahogany (cabinet facades etc.).
The floorboards are made from sturdy plywood with thick teak veneers.

A custom-cut carpet completely covers the floor and makes for a homely feel.

Aft, the floorplan is dividied into a small bunk (actually a storage area for engine parts and a Waeco drop fridge) and card table port-side and WC to starboard.

In the living room/salon there is a pantry to starboard and closet to port. The large table has space to seat 4-6 people. The upholstered backrests can be lifted to make space for one person to sleep on each side, 2m x 0.5m ≈ 6,5 x 1,64 ft each. Under those bunks are the batteries, forward, and the water tanks aft. This arrangement keeps the sloshing of half-empty water tanks from disturbing sleepers. Standing height in the boat is 1.9m ≈ 6,23 ft.

The double bed in the bow is separated from the rest of the boat with folding double doors. The cabin has many separate and secure drawers and cubbies.
  • Mahogany construction (professional), matte finish.
  • Surface edges are all lipped.
  • Stainless steel handles for stability under way.
  • Cushions.
  • Two-part carpet.
  • Barometer (Schatz).
  • Glasen clock (Schatz).
  • Mobile top-loading refrigerator, 33 Liter Engel, 12 V/230 V.
  • Mobile top-loading refrigerator, 50 Liter Waeco CoolFreeze CFX 50, 12 V/230 V (Neu 2017), Located: aft berth behind the nav station.
  • Kerosene stove (Taylor´s, Type 030), 2-buner with oven (new 2007).
  • Foot pump for salt- and freshwater in Pantry (mechanical).
  • Freshwater foot pump for head.
  • Jabsco mechanical toilet, upgraded pump in 2018.
  • Passive ventilation.

Main List
Rig and equipment:
  • Reckmann Aluminium mast;
  • Niro mast steps;
  • Mast height 12.85 m ≈ 42 ft;
  • Deck stepped mast with drainage (to prevent corrosion);
  • stainless „grannies“ on either side of mast for secure hold on deck;
  • stainless Genoa tracks along footboard with brass cars;
  • stainless jib tracks glassed flush into deck with brass cars;
  • 2 poles for spinnaker and foresails.

List of Stays and Shrouds
  • 2 8mm ≈ 0,3” outer shrouds (new 2017);
  • 2 8mm ≈ 0,3” inner shrouds (new 2017);
  • 1 babystay 7mm ≈ 0,27 (new 2017) with quick-removal turnbuckle when flying spinnaker;
  • 1 8mm ≈ 0,3” forestay (new 2017);
  • 1 8mm ≈ 0,3” backstay with 2 isolators (new 2017) and turnbuckle with handwheel;
  • Reinforced attachment points at mast;
  • Spinnaker eyes on mast;
  • Hank-on headsails attach to forestay;
  • Mainsail with two reefs

List of Winches
4 winches in Cockpit:
  • 2 x 2-way-Lewmar 25 sheet winches;
  • 2 x 2-way-Lewmar 43 sheet winches.
4 winches on Mast:
  • 1 x self-tailing 2-way-Lewmar 40 main winch;
  • 3 x 2-way.

1 winch on boom:
  • 1 x 1-Gang-Andersen 10 reef winch.

  • Mainsail: Unknown;
  • Foresail: Reckmann;
  • Spinnaker: Reckmann.

Sail Areas:
  • Mainsail: 22 m² ≈ 237 sq ft, fully battened with two reefs, new 2019;
  • Genoa: heavy, 41 m² ≈ 441 sq ft with 1 reef (31 m² ≈ 334 sq ft);
  • Reacher/Genon: light, 45 m² ≈ 484 sq ft;
  • Spare genoa: light, 41 m² ≈ 441 sq ft with 1 reef (31 m² ≈ 334 sq ft);
  • Jib I: 24 m² ≈ 258 sq ft with 1 reef (17 m² ≈ 183 sq ft);
  • Jib II: 19 m² ≈ 204 sq ft with 1 reef (13 m² ≈ 140 sq ft);
  • Sturmfock: 7,8 m² ≈ 84 sq ft with 1 Reef (4 m² ≈ 43 sq ft);
  • Spinnaker: 105 m² ≈ 1130 sq ft;
  • Tall Boy: 16,4 m² ≈ 176 sq ft.

On request, we will be happy to send a brochure with a many more pictures as a PDF file by email. Let us know whether you want the brochure in German, English or both versions.

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