'Nanuk', a Derecktor 50 Ketch

Downwind before rebuild started

Downwind before rebuild started


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Would you like to create one of the best go-anywhere sailboats in the world at a reasonable cost? Here's a chance to do just that. Continue our project with 'Nanuk' (previously called Snow Lion).

'Nanuk' is a Derecktor 50 Ketch One-Off, built 1998.

We really, really, really want to see someone take care of and finalize her! She has the potential of becoming an amazing family cruiser. Fast and exceptionally strong.

'Nanuk' was first launched 1998 at the Derecktor shipyard in Mamaroneck. Designed by Bob Derecktor and the owner Larry Huntington together. Her aluminium hull is an example of amazing craftsmanship. She's fast, strong and light. However she was completely useless as a family cruiser with an interior that looked more like a submarine.

The rebuild has created a new cockpit and new deckhouse which in turn has made possible a completely new interior. The interior build is on its way. The hull is extremely well insulated.

Safety - Additional information:
Imperative when sailing in tough waters is to feel safe on-board. For this matter we've created/prepared for a number of water tight compartments to ensure that she stays afloat if the hull should be punctured.

Rig & Keel:
The masts and booms are custom made carbon fibre ones with rod rigging - everything in good condition.
She had a lifting keel - now you have the option to go for either a fixed or a lifting version. We've created a structural design that allows you to have a choice - both being very strong.

There's quite a lot of equipment to go with her and I will send info of that to anyone who is seriously interested. A number of Lewmar winches including one electric. Examples of new never used equipment Victron Isolation Transformer, warm water heater & high pressure tank, 3 Facnor furling headsail sets (2 to go on her and one for spare parts).
No engine is included.

Create a dream:
It will take time, money, know-how and not least passion to walk 'Nanuk' all the way but what a great boat she has the potential to be. Strong enough to face any challenge and faster than most monohulls afloat.

Note though that to make her ready to go sailing it's not that long a stretch and please note that most of the really, really dirty and tough tasks are already done.

There are of course drawings and ideas in abundance to share, and I will support her new owner to the best of my knowledge.

Geographically she's located close to Karlstad in Sweden. Together with a buyer I can of course help solve the logistic challenges to have her moved.

More info will be sent if you are seriously interested.

We might consider a trade-in. Not a project.

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