The Secrets of
Sailboat Fishing Revealed!

Ever wondered just how many hungry fish you're sailing over and why they're not snapping eagerly at the lure on the end of your trolling line?

Perhaps there's something you're doing wrong? Or maybe you're just plain unlucky?

What's being said about 'Secrets of Sailboat Fishing'...

Diggy with a red snapper caught from a sailboat underwayDinner!

"Essential timeless advice for fishing underway! During our recent voyage from the UK, we sailed the West coast of Europe, to the Mediterranean and across to the Caribbean. We found 'Secrets of Sailboat Fishing' to be invaluable! Tuna, Dorado, Snapper and much more all caught using Dick’s useful tips, tricks, knots and techniques."

Diggy Smerdon, s/y 'Ariadne'

"We had all the fishing gear, but none of the skill, and were heading across the Atlantic on our way to the Caribbean. Fresh fish every day - easy we thought - but the fish had other ideas. One week on and, in frustration, I finally remembered I'd downloaded an eBook on the subject some months ago. I found it on my tablet - 'Secrets of Sailboat Fishing' and studied it carefully during a peaceful night watch. It was a revelation, a few simple changes to the rig, the times of day when we fished and we dined on Mahi Mahi for the rest of the trip. It should be one of the must-have ebooks for any sailing trip. As long as you read it of course!"

Frank Mulholland, s/y 'Scot Free III'

"Excellent advice! I'd just add that 'Secrets of Sailboat Fishing' is a must for anyone who is serious about catching fish while sailing, since like the information above, the advice is tailored to the environment of a sailboat which is very different from a non-sailing fishing boat."

Christopher Onions

“Fishing from a sailboat? Waste of time. Dragged the darn lure for hundreds of miles and never had a sniff of a bite. Must have added a day to the passage!”


"All we wanted was a couple of mackerel for dinner, but we ended up with canned tuna again..."

Sounds familiar? Then my ebook 'Secrets of Sailboat Fishing' is for you.

For example, you'll know:~

  • how to make up a simple and effective trolling line;
  • how to decide on the best lure for the prevailing sea conditions, light levels, water clarity and your boat speed;
  • how far astern you should be towing it;
  • whether to troll it on or close to the surface or really deep down;
  • how to get the lure down deep without using a heavy lead weight on your trolling line;
  • how to attract fish to the vicinity of your boat and excite them into grabbing your lure;
  • how to catch good fish without spending a fortune on expensive tackle;
  • how to select the right gear for the job;
  • how to connect it together with the correct knots and properly made crimped connections.

And having caught your fish, how to:~

  • kill it quickly and humanely;
  • bleed it properly for sushi grade quality;
  • gut it, fillet or steak it and prepare it for the galley;
  • and much, much more in this comprehensive and fully illustrated eBook!

A couple of interesting facts:~

  1. Fresh tuna costs around $20 per pound, sushi grade tuna some $10 more;
  2. My eBook costs just $4.99, so your first fish will pay for it many times over!

But there's more...

This eBook comes with a No-Quibble Guarantee!'s Promise to You:

"I'm so sure that you'll be absolutely delighted with your purchase that I'll refund the price you paid in full if you're dissatisfied in any way". Dick McClary, Author

So what are you waiting for?

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