Young liveaboards on Dehler 39 cws

by Mariana
(Currently Sicily, Italy)

There are different reasons why this project was started and why you can read these lines here. Firstly, as like water, we are never sitting still. But honestly, it was the wish to make a change in our lifestyles – being able to live self-sufficiently and having just about as much possessions as fits into one 39 feet sailboat (including the sailboat). That felt right after having busy working lives and focusing on things that seemed to be somehow important, but actually are rather trivial when thinking about enjoying every minute of your waking life.

Being typical Estonians, we are constantly connected to the internet and it is a great privilege that we do work that doesn’t need us to be physically in one place. On the one hand, boatlife is a step forward to live in a closer touch with nature, and on the other hand, we can use our abilities and knowledge to work while exploring the world using the 70% of our planets’ watery surface. And what a better way to do this than to leave your comfortable life, sell everything you possibly can and use the money to buy a sailing boat, get her ready for longer passages and start our journey.

The average liveaboard we've seen is 60+ and doesn't really have to worry about money anymore. They've done their part and can now enjoy the life they have worked so hard for. As we are doing it while still young we have to work all the time during weekdays from 9am to 5pm to maintain this kind of lifestyle. Basically the only thing we need is a good internet connection and a plug for a charger. This is just awesome 'cause our parents couldn't dream of working like this and having this much freedom of location. Also, we've somehow developed a small mission to recruit more younger liveaboards and to show that it's possible to live and work on the boat. Especially nowadays when there are so many digital nomads and work can be done remotely and of course it's great that our clients also support that.

We don’t know how long this journey lasts but however short or long this period shall be, we plan to appreciate every moment of it.

Thank you!

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Jan 17, 2017
Ways of making money online
by: Mariana


I think this page covers every possibility to work online. Some require more special skills, some not!


Jan 16, 2017
An option for Joe
by: Dick McClary

Hi Joe
There's an article about this on the website which might give you a few ideas. You can read it at

Jan 14, 2017
details missing
by: joe

I'm curious as to how earnings can be made by the simple use of a computer.
I'm a 64yo man trying to find a way to finance his way to building his dream boat and sailing the world.
Your help in my wife and I attaining this end would be appreciated for the rest of our lives.
Joe Turra.

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