The Sailboat Buying Guide You Shouldn't Be Without

If you're in the market for a used sailboat, you really should make sure to read this sailboat buying guide on day one of your search.

Because - let's face it - they're seductive things, sailboats. It's so easy to allow the glitz and the glamour to take your eye away from the issues that really matter. And even a distinctly second-hand sailboat is supremely capable of parting a smitten admirer from his hard-earned cash...

So, step back for a moment and ask yourself a few basic questions:

'Secrets of Buying Secondhand Boats', an ebook by Andrew Simpson
  • Will you be able to find the used sailboat that's absolutely right for you?

  • Can you be sure of not paying too much for it?
  • Do you know what pitfalls to look for before shelling out for a professional condition survey?
  • How much should you allow for repairing any defects?
  • Will you be able to prevent your heart ruling your head when you should be walking away from it altogether?

Unless you can truthfully answer "Yes" to all these questions, it looks like you could use the guiding hand of an expert to lead you through the hazardous process of buying a used sailboat.

Well, congratulations - you've found one!

  • A marine surveyor who's seen it all before;
  • A boat builder who knows how a boat should be put together;
  • A yacht designer who will see through the glitz and glamour to the fundamental robustness and efficiency of the overall design.

And whilst he can't be there to guide you through the process personally, he's done the next best thing by making his knowledge and experience available in a clearly written and well-illustrated eBook!

About the Author...

Andrew Simpson is a professional marine surveyor, a yacht designer and boat builder with over 40 years of experience.

He's also a highly regarded yachting journalist and an offshore sailor with tens of thousands of sea miles under his keel.

It's true to say he 'know's his stuff!'

Andrew Simpson's eBook 'Secrets of Second-Hand Boats' is a sailboat buying guide par excellence and will provide you with the insight to more thoroughly inspect a used sailboat, together with the tips and techniques to close the deal should you decide to proceed - and you can download it right here!

Armed with your pre-purchase inspection kit - a small set of simple tools as described on page 22 - and the expert know-how contained with this essential sailboat buying guide, you'll be able to inspect and make sound judgments on:~

  • hull and deck structures in a variety of materials;

  • masts and spars;
  • rigging and sails;
  • deck hardware; 
  • engines;
  • electrical systems;
  • the creature comforts of interior fittings and furnishings.

With this knowledge you'll be in a much better position to decide if this boat really is for you.

You'll have discovered any 'show-stopper' defects before spending money on an expensive professional condition survey, or you'll be in a good position to commence negotiations for closing the deal.

Either way, you'll be saving the price of this essential sailboat buying guide many, many times over.

But just how much does it cost?

If 'Secrets of Second-Hand Boats' was a printed book available for sale over the counter it would retail for around $24 (£15).

But it isn't, you can only get it as an ebook for download onto your computer or other electronic device.

But I've kept you waiting long enough. There'll be no 'Introductory Offer!' or 'Special Deal Today Price!'.

I know you won't be impressed by any of that nonsense - and anyway it's not my style.

It's just $4.99!

Sailboat's Promise to You...

"As the owner of this website, I have to be sure that any third-party eBook I promote is of exceptional quality and value to you, the visitors to my website.

Consequently I have read 'Second-Hand Boats' from cover to cover - all 74 information packed pages of it - and can make the following statement in total confidence:~

The eBook 'Second-Hand Boats'is crammed with Expert Knowledge, Information and Solid Advice for a Prospective Buyer of a Used Boat. It represents Great Value for Money and even comes with a Guarantee.

A Guarantee? Yes, I'm so sure that you'll be absolutely delighted with your purchase I'll refund the price to you in full if you're dissatisfied in any way."

Dick McClary

So what are you waiting for?