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Julie & Glen Bradley

Julie Bradley

Julie was born with adventure genes and shares her passions in her internationally bestselling books 'Escape from the Ordinary' and 'Crossing Pirate Waters'.

Both are true stories about a 7 ½ year adventure of sailing around the world with her husband, Glen.

After twenty years in the Army as a Military Intelligence Officer she traded her uniform and worldly possessions to pursue the dream that had inspired her to keep going through the long separations of military deployments.

During those years her stack of Cruising World, Sail and Latitude 38 magazines grew to hoarder proportions until the big purge of all belongings to buy their new home: a French built Amel blue-water sailboat. 

Julie's writing has appeared in the sail press, Latitude 38, Cruising World, Boating New Zealand, and the Sunday travel section of over thirteen newspapers in the United States.

She also wrote articles for New Zealand press while serving on the race committee for the 2002 Louis Vuitton Challenger and America's Cup races in Auckland.

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Dr Michael Cohen

Dr Michael Cohen

Dr Michael Cohen, author of 'Healthy Boating & Sailing', has been boating since 1974 when he moved to Boston to study neurology. You might say he has had boating on the brain ever since!

He has been a practising neurologist for the past 45 years and for almost 20 years he was the chief of neurology at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Centre. During that time he was the assistant professor of neurology at The Medical College of Pennsylvania.

He currently holds a position at Temple University School of Medicine - and he knows a thing or two about navigation too!.

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David J. Forsyth, author of 'Dafydd' and 'Too Cold for Mermaids'.David J. Forsyth

David J. Forsyth

David J. Forsyth, author of 'Too Cold for Mermaids', was born in the shadow of the World War Two and grew up in rural Canada, at the head of Lake Ontario. As a boy he constructed a crude raft with which to explore the creek that flowed through a neighbour’s farm. Canoes, kayaks and outboards followed, but his fantasy of sailing to far off places on his own sailboat lay dormant much of his life, deferred by career and family responsibilities.

He began his career as a commercial artist and held positions in the art departments of advertising agencies and commercial printers before settling into a supervisory role at a local government in-plant printing facility. With several years of copywriting experience in his wake, he moved into management, embracing the technical writing his position demanded. Though it earned him a living, it said nothing about the things that interested him.

David’s passion for genealogy and the history of ordinary people prompted him to write a memoir of growing up in the 1950s. His debut book Dafydd, was the spark that ignited his enthusiasm for writing.

As a middle-aged husband and father, David found the determination to actively pursue his dream of blue-water cruising. He acquired seamanship, sailing and navigation skills, and found the boat of his dreams. Years of preparation followed, during which he refitted his Alberg-designed sloop, Alice Rose and crewed aboard three privately owned vessels including passages to Labrador and Florida. He sailed thousands of nautical miles on his own boat as well, exploring coasts and communities from the northern shores of Lake Huron to New York City, all the while maintaining logs and journals of his adventures.

On a passage from Halifax to Boston, he found himself in the Gulf of Maine, fighting a torn mainsail under spreader lights in a forty-knot nor’easter and decided to share his experiences with other dreamers.

'Too Cold for Mermaids' was written primarily for dreamers and novice sailors and cruisers. It details his experience of becoming a competent mariner, fitting out his sloop on a budget, and cruising on a small boat.

Today, the boy with a dream is working on his fourth book and plans to continue writing for the foreseeable future. 

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