Popular Cruiser Yachts Under 30 Feet Long Overall
Their Physical Properties & Key Performance Indicators

Welcome to this ever-growing gallery of some of the most popular production cruiser yachts under 30 feet (9.1m) long overall - but as you'll see, it's more than just a gallery.

Small cruising boats like these are ideal for pottering along the coast but, properly equipped and in the right hands of course, are capable of impressive offshore passages. 

The vast majority of cruiser yachts in this size range are sloops but a few, such as the Shannon 28, the Victoria 26 and the Vancouver 27, are cutters.

Many of the cruiser yachts in this category would be ideal for the single-handed Jester Challenge - in fact many have done just that, and those that have are marked with an asterisk*.

It's not at all surprising that almost all of the Jester Challenge cruiser yachts sport a windvane self-steering system...

Behind each of the images there's a lot more information, including:

  • Dimensions & Specifications; 
  • Design Ratios;
  • A summary analysis of the boat's predicted sailing characteristics in terms of performance, stiffness, heaviness, comfort in a seaway and resistance to capsize.

To see it, just click on the image...

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