How to List Your Boat For Sale

"Where can I list my boat for sale?" is a question we're asked frequently, our answer to which is "You can list your boat for sale right here on this website"we'll show you exactly how to do it - and it won't cost you a cent!

We're not a yacht broker; we don't charge any fees for listing your boat or commission when you sell her. Our task is to create a full-page advertisement for you, publish it on this site and make sure it's seen by many prospective boat buyers looking to buy a sailboat like yours.

Recent examples of boats listed for sale:

How and Why do I do this for Free?

OK, some straight talking:

My aspirations are to attract more visitors to my website through your ad, and to put those new visitors representing potential buyers for your sailboat in touch with you.

Whilst those visitors are on my site, I'm hoping they might buy an eBook, click on an ad or sign up to my newsletter.

So it's a win/win situation for both of us - I might get to make a few dollars and you'll get a load more potential buyers for your boat.

Once I've put the pair of you in touch, I play no further role in any subsequent negotiation or transaction.

Dick McClary, owner & creator of

Here's How to List your Boat for Sale

First though, a few selling tips to make your advertisement eye-catching to potential buyers...

  • Good pics of your boat are essential! Exterior and interior, afloat and ashore. There's no limit on the number of good pics.
  • Give a full description of your boat and tell us what type of construction she is. Fibreglass, wood, ferro-cement, steel or aluminium? Teak decks? How many berths? Engine make and horsepower? etc, etc
  • Describe her condition and explain how you've updated and maintained her over the years. 
  • Detail exactly what is included in the sale, together with an inventory of electronics, sails and other equipment. Dinghy and outboard? Life raft etc?
  • Her vital statistics; Length overall, beam, draft and displacement.
  • Where is she currently berthed? 
  • and of course, your asking price!

There's no limit on space! You can put as much as you like in your advertisement. The more detailed your description, the more your potential buyers will be drawn into your advertisement. 


You get a full page for your advertisement. It won't be mixed up with a load of others, so it's important that your ad fills the page—otherwise the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) will ignore it and none of your potential buyers will get to see it.

If you follow the above selling tips you should have no difficulty at all in writing at least 400 words to describe your boat.

In fact, 400 words is a minimum requirement for publication on

Don't waste this opportunity by submitting a 'skinny' ad for publication.

Finally, will propagate your completed advertisement on sailing-related social media sites including our own on Facebook and Pinterest - and all for free of course!

We'll also publicize your advertisement across sailing-related social media and promote it in our monthly newsletter which has over 4,700 subscribers - and all for free of course!

As a result, your ad will get a great deal of exposure on the web - we'll do everything we reasonably can to get your boat sold.

So, let's get started on building your full-page listing...

Just send me an email with the text for your ad (either within the email or as an attachment) together with as many pics as you like, and I'll create the ad using your provided information and let you know when it's been published on my site, usually just a few days later.

If you want me to change anything at any time, it's no problem!

So, let's get your sailboat sold! must make a disclaimer at this point, in as much as this is a free service intended to put you and a potential buyer in contact. accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with this free service.

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