Popular Cruiser Yachts Over 55 Feet Long Overall
Their Physical Properties & Key Performance Indicators

Welcome to this ever-growing gallery of some of the most popular production cruiser yachts of more than 55 feet (16.8m) long overall. 

Many (but not all) large cruiser yachts like these need powerful sail handling systems and a strong crew to operate and maintain them, putting them well out of the reach of all but those with the deepest pockets.

Having said that, some are designed to be cruised by a cruising couple - the Apogee 58 is a good example of one such boat.

Many of them have to earn their keep as luxury charter boats, particularly in the warm waters of the Caribbean or Mediterranean where they will cater for three or more couples at a time. 

And while such an exclusive holiday may represent good value for such a charter group, it won't be cheap!

Gunfleet 58

The Gunfleet 58 is fitted with two headsails as standard, as can be seen in the pic below. This double-headed configuration is known as a 'Solent Rig'. Unlike a cutter, it's not intended that both sails be flown at the same time other than as an alternative to a spinnaker when running 'wing-and-wing' dead downwind.

Bowman 57

Many sailors would describe this Bowman 57 as a 'cutter-rigged ketch', but the correct terminology is a 'staysail ketch'.

Ocean 71

The Ocean 71 comes in two guises; a stripped-out ocean racing yacht or a luxury fast long-distance cruiser.

Sundeer 56

The simple, pragmatic layout of this Sundeer 56 makes her easily handled by a short-handed crew.

Swan 59

This Swan 59 sports two cockpits; an aft cockpit for the helmsman and a centre cockpit for the guests...

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