The Mariner 40 Sailboat

The Mariner 40, a long-keeled ketch, was designed by Clair Oberly and built in Japan by Far East Yachts.

A Mariner 40, a traditional cruising ketch from the 1970'sA Mariner 40 ketch at anchor off Sandy Island, Carriacou.

Published Specification for the Mariner 40

Underwater Profile: Long keel

Hull Material: GRP (Fiberglass)

Length Overall: 40'4" (12.3m)

Waterline Length: 30' 2" (9.2m)

Beam: 11'5" (3.5m)

Draft: 5'8" (1.7m)

Rig Type: Masthead Ketch

Displacement: 26,500lb (12,020kg)

Designer: Clair Oberly

Builder: Far East Yachts

Published Design Ratios for the Mariner 40

1. Sail Area/Displacement Ratio: 15.8

2. Ballast/Displacement Ratio: 34.0

3. Displacement/Length Ratio: 430

4. Comfort Ratio: 47.2

5. Capsize Screening Formula: 1.5

A Few FAQs...

Based on the published Design Ratios for the Mariner 40, how would you expect the boat to perform under sail?

The Design Ratios indicate that the Mariner 40 is a slow but stable boat that needs a good breeze to get moving. It has a low sail area to displacement ratio, which means it is underpowered in light winds. It also has a high displacement-to-length ratio, which means it is very heavy for its size and has a lot of inertia. However, it also has a high ballast-to-displacement ratio, which means it has a lot of weight in the keel to keep it upright and resist heeling. It has a high comfort ratio, which means it has a smooth and gentle motion in waves and is suitable for long-distance cruising. It has a low capsize screening formula, which means it has a low risk of capsizing in rough seas.

Is the Mariner 40 still in production and, if not, when did production end and how many of these sailboats were built?

The Mariner 40 is no longer in production. Production ended in the early 1970s when Far East Yachts closed down due to the depreciation of the Japanese Yen. The exact number of Mariner 40s built is not known, but some sources estimate that around 95 hulls were built in Japan and another 20 or so were built in California.

What, if any, alternative versions of the Mariner 40 were built and what are the differences between them?

The Mariner 40 was originally built with a wooden hull and deck, but later switched to fibreglass construction with wood overlay on the deck and cabin. The fibreglass hulls were also slightly longer than the wooden ones, measuring 40'4" instead of 39'6".

How many people can sleep on board a Mariner 40?

The Mariner 40 can sleep up to six people in three separate cabins. The forward cabin has a V-berth that can be converted into a double bed with an insert. The main cabin has two settees that can be used as single berths or combined into a double berth with a filler cushion. The aft cabin has two quarter berths that can accommodate one person each.

How did the sailing press review the Mariner 40?

The Mariner 40 received mostly positive reviews from the sailing press when it was first introduced. It was praised for its solid construction, spacious interior, ample storage, comfortable motion and good handling. Some of the drawbacks mentioned were its lack of speed, high fuel consumption, poor ventilation and outdated styling.

What do owners of the Mariner 40 have to say about their boats?

Owners of the Mariner 40 generally love their boats and are proud of their classic appeal. They enjoy cruising in various destinations around the world and appreciate their boats' reliability, durability and livability. They also value the sense of community and support among fellow Mariner owners.

What is the history of the builders of the Mariner 40 and is the company still in business?

The builders of the Mariner 40 were Far East Yachts, founded by Clair Oberly in Yokosuka, Japan in 1957. Oberly was an American naval officer who had a passion for sailing and boat design. He started by building wooden Herreshoff 28s and later expanded to other models such as Sparkman & Stevens 40s and his own designs such as the Mariners. Far East Yachts became one of the leading boat builders in Japan and exported many boats to the US and other countries. However, the company faced financial difficulties in the early 1970s due to the currency exchange rate and the oil crisis. Oberly moved the production to Long Beach, California under the name Clair Yachts, but was unable to revive the business and eventually closed down. Far East Yachts is no longer in business, but some of its moulds were acquired by other companies such as Ta Yang Yachts in Taiwan, which built some Mariner 40s and 36s under the Tayana brand.

What sailplan and rig options, if any, are available for the Mariner 40?

The Mariner 40 is a ketch-rigged boat, which means it has two masts: a main mast and a mizzen mast. The main mast carries a mainsail and a headsail (either a jib or a genoa), while the mizzen mast carries a mizzen sail and sometimes a mizzen staysail. The advantage of a ketch rig is that it offers more flexibility and balance in different wind conditions, as well as more sail area and redundancy in case of damage. The disadvantage is that it adds more weight, complexity and cost to the boat. The Mariner 40 has different sailplan options depending on the year and model of the boat. Some of the variations include different mast heights, boom lengths, sail areas, reefing systems, roller furling devices, etc.

What is the average cost of a secondhand Mariner 40?

The average cost of a secondhand Mariner 40 depends on many factors such as the condition, age, location, equipment and market demand of the boat. Based on some online listings, the price range for a used Mariner 40 can vary from around $50,000 to $100,000.

How does the Mariner 40 compare to other sailboats in its class?

The Mariner 40 is a boat that appeals to sailors who are looking for a classic, sturdy and comfortable cruiser that can handle long passages and rough seas. It is not a boat for speed seekers or racers who want a light and agile performance. Some of the boats that can be considered as similar or comparable to the Mariner 40 are:

  • Westsail 42: A heavy displacement cutter-rigged boat with a long keel and a canoe stern. It has a reputation for being very seaworthy, strong and spacious, but also slow and wet.
  • Tayana 37: A popular bluewater cruiser with a cutter rig and a full keel. It has a traditional design with teak decks and interiors, but also modern amenities and systems. It is known for being well-built, comfortable and capable.
  • Island Packet 38: A quality cruising boat with a cutter rig and a modified full keel. It has a distinctive look with cream-colored hulls and decks, high freeboard and bowsprit. It is praised for being roomy, solid and reliable.
  • Valiant 40: A legendary offshore cruiser with a cutter rig and a modified fin keel. It has a sleek design with low freeboard and reverse transom. It is renowned for being fast, stable and seaworthy.

What other sailboats have been created by the designer of the Mariner 40?

The designer of the Mariner 40 was Clair Oberly, who was also the founder of Far East Yachts. He designed several other models for his company, such as:

  • Mariner 31: A smaller version of the Mariner 40 with similar features and layout.
  • Mariner 35: A wooden-hulled ketch with an aft cockpit and an enclosed pilothouse.
  • Mariner 36: A fiberglass-hulled ketch with an aft cockpit and an open pilothouse.
  • Sparkman & Stevens 40: A wooden-hulled sloop with an aft cockpit and a flush deck.

He also collaborated with other designers such as William Garden, Ted Brewer and Robert Perry on some projects.

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