The Allures 45.9 Sailboat
Specs & Key Performance Indicators

The Allures 45.9 is a cruising sailboat designed by the French naval architect Franck Darnet. This model, known for its robust construction and innovative design, is built by Allures Yachting, a company based in Cherbourg, France.

Allures Yachting has gained a reputation for constructing high-quality Aluminium hull boats that are both durable and capable of extensive offshore cruising. The Allures 45.9, with its combination of performance and comfort, exemplifies the company's commitment to producing top-tier sailing yachts suited for adventurous sailors.

Allures 45.9 sailboat'Mei Hua', an Allures 45.9

Published Specification for the Allures 45.9

Underwater Configuration: Centreboard & twin rudders*
Hull Material: Aluminium hull with composite superstructure
Length Overall: 14.75 meters / 48.4 feet
Waterline Length: 13.67 meters / 44.8 feet
Beam: 4.43 meters / 14.5 feet

  • Minimum: 1.06 meters / 3.5 feet (Keel up)
  • Maximum: 2.9 meters / 9.5 feet (Keel down)

Rig Type: Sloop
Displacement: 13,300 kilograms / 29,321 pounds
Designer: Berret-Racoupeau**
Builder: Allures Yachting
Year First Built: 2017
Year Last Built: ongoing
Number Built: Ongoing production

* In addition to the traditional centerboard version, a lifting keel version was introduced. This version reduced the weight by 2,280 kg, making it ideal for those who prefer the speed of a lighter sailboat.

** Other popular cruising sailboats designed by Berret-Racoupeau include the Amel 60, Hanse 510, and various models for Bénéteau and Wauquiez.

Published Design Ratios for the Allures 45.9

  • Sail Area/Displacement Ratio (18.9): This ratio suggests that the Allures 45.9 is designed with reasonably good performance in mind. It falls within the range of 16 to 20, indicating the sailboat should have sufficient power to handle a variety of conditions without being overpowered or sluggish. The value is a strong indicator of the boat's ability to accelerate and handle light winds effectively.
  • Ballast/Displacement Ratio (37.9): This ratio is slightly below the 40 mark often associated with stiffer, more powerful boats. Although it suggests a respectable level of stability and ability to stand up to wind, it's important to note that the effectiveness of this ratio can be influenced by the specific distribution of the ballast in the keel. If the ballast is concentrated lower, the actual performance in terms of righting moments and stability could be better than the number alone suggests.
  • Displacement/Length Ratio (136.5): Positioned in the light displacement category (100-200), this suggests the Allures 45.9 is not an extremely light or ultraheavy boat. This moderate displacement should allow the sailboat to be responsive and relatively easy to handle, while still providing enough mass to ensure smooth sailing in rougher waters. It's a good compromise between agility and comfort.
  • Comfort Ratio (26.5): Falling within the 20 to 30 range, this ratio indicates a motion comfort level associated with coastal cruisers. It suggests that the Allures 45.9 should provide a comfortable experience for most recreational sailors and is likely capable of handling typical sea conditions encountered along coasts without excessive motion that would make for an unpleasant passage.
  • Capsize Screening Formula (1.92): This value being less than 2.0 aligns well with a vessel suitable for ocean passages, indicating that the Allures 45.9 has a design less prone to capsizing in heavy seas. The ratio suggests a well-thought-out relationship between beam and displacement which enhances safety during offshore sailing.

Limitations and Considerations:

  • Ballast/Displacement Ratio: While informative, this ratio does not account for how the ballast is distributed within the keel. A lower or more concentrated ballast could effectively improve stability more than the ratio suggests.
  • Comfort Ratio: Designed originally for comparing more traditional hull designs, the Comfort Ratio can sometimes not reflect the true sea-keeping abilities of modern, lighter, and beamier vessels, which might still be very capable offshore despite not scoring as highly in this metric.

Read more about Design Ratios...

Overall, the Allures 45.9 appears to be a well-rounded sailboat designed for good performance in a variety of sailing conditions, with a bias towards comfort and safety suitable for coastal cruising with the capability to undertake ocean passages when needed. These theoretical assessments, though insightful, should be complemented by on-water testing and personal evaluations to fully understand the boat's capabilities and handling characteristics in real-world conditions.

The above text was drafted by using GPT-4 (OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model) as a research assistant to develop source material; we believe it to be accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Press Reviews for the Allures 45.9

  • Yachting Monthly says: "If you’re after a go-anywhere cruiser the Allures 45.9 firmly ticks that box, but just because she can sail across oceans it doesn’t mean she’s any less of a coastal cruiser." Read more...
  • Cruising World says: "There’s something very French about no-nonsense aluminum cruising boats, perhaps because the vast majority of them are built in France. The very best examples are rugged yet refined, handsome yet utilitarian, and are equally at home either crossing the open ocean or tucked into a secluded cove. When you come across a bare brushed-aluminum hull in a distant anchorage, you just sense that the sailors on board will have an adventurous tale to tell." Read more...
  • Sail Magazine says: "Allures is not a name on the tip of many American sailors’ tongues, but it should be. After the debut of its 39-footer last year, the French company has made another significant entry into the U.S. midrange market with the Allures 45.9, an aluminum-hulled cruiser-voyager with some surprising qualities." Read more...

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