The Amel Sharki Sailboat
Specs & Key Performance Indicators

The Amel Sharki sailboat is a renowned model in the world of sailing, designed by Jacques Carteau and built by the French company, Chantiers Amel. The production of this distinguished sailboat began in 1979 and concluded in 1989, during which a total of 222 Sharkis were built.

Amel SharkiThe Amel Sharki, a centre-cockpit ketch

Published Specification for the Amel Sharki

Underwater Profile: Fin keel & Skeg-hung Rudder

Hull Material: GRP (Fibreglass)

Length Overall: 39'3" (12.0m)

Waterline Length: 31'10" (9.7m)

Beam: 11'8" (3.6m)

Draft: 6'1" (1.9m)

Rig Type: Ketch

Displacement: 21,300lb (9,662kg)

Ballast: 7,060lb (3,202kg)

Performance Predictions based on the Design Ratios

Based on the published Design Ratios, the Amel Sharki sailboat is expected to deliver a balanced performance.

  • The Sail Area/Displacement Ratio of 16.9 indicates that the Sharki should have decent speed capabilities in moderate wind conditions.
  • The Ballast/Displacement Ratio of 33.2 suggests a good stability, meaning the sailboat can handle rough seas and strong winds without easily capsizing.
  • The high Displacement/Length Ratio of 294 implies that the Sharki is a heavy cruiser, which usually results in a slower but smoother ride.
  • The Comfort Ratio of 36.6 further supports this, suggesting that the Sharki is designed for comfortable, long-distance cruising rather than racing.
  • Lastly, the Capsize Screening Formula of 1.69 is below the threshold of 2.0, indicating that the Sharki has a lower risk of capsizing in extreme conditions.

The Designer

Henri Amel was a notable yacht designer renowned for his contributions to the sailing world. Born in France, he lost the use of his legs during World War II and developed an affinity for sailing during his rehabilitation.

This passion eventually led him to establish the Chantiers Amel shipyard. Throughout his impressive career, Henri Amel was responsible for designing numerous notable sailboats.

In addition to the Amel Sharki, his creations include the Fango, Super Maramu, and the Maramu. These sailboats are lauded for their robust construction, superior sea-keeping abilities, and excellent long-distance cruising capabilities.

Henri Amel's designs are recognized for their uniqueness and have etched a distinctive mark in the realm of sailing.

The Builder

Chantiers Amel is a reputable French boatbuilding company that was founded by the legendary sailor and yacht designer, Henri Amel, in 1965. The yard is renowned for producing high-quality, sturdy, and efficient cruisers known for their long-lasting performance in all weather conditions, making them enduring favorites among sailors.

Among the other noteworthy sailboats built by Chantiers Amel, the Maramu, the Mango, and the Super Maramu stand out, along with the Meltem and the more recent designs like the Amel 50 and Amel 60.

Despite the passing of its founder, Henri Amel, in 2005, Chantiers Amel remains in business. The company has continued to maintain its uncompromising standards of quality, further solidifying its standing in the boatbuilding industry.

In Summary

The Amel Sharki sailboat stands as a remarkable testament to the credo of quality over quantity embraced by the designer Jacques Carteau and builder Henri Amel.

Over its ten-year production span, this vessel gained notoriety for its comfort, robustness, and laudable performance, marking it as a genuine cruiser. The various design ratios, outlining its stability, capsize risk, and sailing capabilities, further substantiate the Sharki's stellar reputation amongst sailing enthusiasts.

The sailing press and owners alike have frequently attested to the Sharki's sea-keeping properties, solid construction, and overall sailing performance.

Combining both contemporary innovation and traditional craftsmanship, the Amel Sharki epitomizes the quintessential cruising vessel, earning it a respected place within the illustrious lineage of Chantiers Amel's sailboats

Other sailboats in the Amel range include:

An Amel Santorini 46 sailboat at anchorThe Amel Santorini 46
An Amel Super Maramu 2000 sailboat at anchorThe Amel Super Maramu 2000
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