The Island Packet 350 Sailboat
Specs & Key Performance Indicators

The Island Packet 350 is a cruising sailboat that combines traditional styling, modern features and quality craftsmanship.

Designed by Robert K. Johnson and built by Island Packet Yachts in Florida, the 350 was launched in 1996 and produced until 2004. It offers a spacious and comfortable interior, a versatile cutter rig, and a shallow-draft full keel that enhances stability and performance.

An Island Packet 350 cruising sailboat at anchorAn Island Packet 350

Published Specification for the Island Packet 350

Underwater Profile: Long keel

Hull Material: GRP (Fibreglass)

Length Overall: 34'8" (10.6m)

Waterline Length: 29'4" (8.9m)

Beam: 12'0" (3.7m)

Draft: 4'3" (1.3m)

Rig Type: Cutter

Displacement: 16,000 lb (7,257 kg)

Designer: Bob Johnson

Builder: Island Packet Yachts (USA)

Year First Built: 1997

Year Last Built: 2004

Published Design Ratios for the Island Packet 350

1. Sail Area/Displacement Ratio: 16.3

2. Ballast/Displacement Ratio: 46.9

3. Displacement/Length Ratio: 283

4. Comfort Ratio: 29.2

5. Capsize Screening Formula: 1.9

A Few FAQs...

Based on the published Design Ratios for the Island Packet 350, how would you expect the boat to perform under sail?

The Design Ratios indicate that the Island Packet 350 is a moderate to heavy displacement boat with a good balance of sail area and ballast. It is not designed to be a fast or agile boat, but rather a stable and comfortable one. It can handle a wide range of wind and sea conditions, but may not point as high or accelerate as quickly as lighter or more performance-oriented boats. It is best suited for cruising rather than racing.

Is the Island Packet 350 still in production and, if not, when did production end and how many of these sailboats were built?

The Island Packet 350 is no longer in production. Production ended in 2004, after eight years of manufacturing. According to the Island Packet Yacht Owners Association, a total of 178 boats were built.

Is the mast on the Island Packet 350 deck stepped or keel stepped?

The mast on the Island Packet 350 is keel stepped. This means that the mast stands on the keel at the bottom of the hull, and passes through a hole in the deck and the cabin. This is different from a deck stepped mast, which stands on the top of the deck and does not enter the cabin, although a compression post transfers the load from the deck to the keel.

Some of the advantages of a keel stepped mast are that it is stiffer, stronger, and more stable than a deck stepped mast, as it has one more point of contact with the boat structure. Some of the disadvantages are that it takes up space in the cabin, and it can allow water to leak into the bilge.

How many people can sleep on board an Island Packet 350?

The Island Packet 350 can sleep up to six people on board. There are two double cabins: one forward with a V-berth and one aft with an athwartships berth. There is also a U-shaped dinette in the saloon that can convert into a double berth.

How did the sailing press review the Island Packet 350?

The sailing press generally gave positive reviews to the Island Packet 350, praising its quality, comfort, space and performance. For example, Cruising World called it "a boat that delivers you in style", Practical Boat Owner said it was "rock steady and roomy enough", and Sailboat Guide described it as "designed with comfort, stability and performance in mind".

What do owners of the Island Packet 350 have to say about their boats?

Owners of the Island Packet 350 tend to be very satisfied with their boats, according to online forums and blogs. They appreciate the boat's solid construction, spacious layout, ample storage, easy handling, seaworthy performance and classic looks. Some of the common complaints or challenges are related to maintenance costs, maneuverability in tight spaces, light wind performance and access to some systems or components.

What is the history of the builders of the Island Packet 350 and is the company still in business?

The builders of the Island Packet 350 are Island Packet Yachts, a company founded by Robert K. Johnson in 1979. The company specializes in building long keel cruising sailboats that feature distinctive styling, high quality and innovative design. The company is still in business today, based in Largo, Florida. It currently offers six models ranging from 35 to 52 feet.

What is the average cost of a secondhand Island Packet 350?

The average cost of a secondhand Island Packet 350 depends on the year, condition, equipment and location of the boat. According to YachtWorld, the current asking prices range from $89,900 to $149,900, with a median of $119,000.

The above answers were drafted by using GPT-4 (OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model) as a research assistant to develop source material; to the best of our knowledge, we believe them to be accurate.

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