The Beneteau First 375 Sailboat
Specs & Key Performance Indicators

The Beneteau First 375 is a popular sailing yacht, designed and manufactured by the French company Beneteau. Known for its speed and agility, it was first introduced in the 1980s and is often used for both cruising and racing. The yacht features a well-designed interior with ample living space, making it a comfortable choice for longer voyages. It is highly regarded for its balance of performance and comfort.

A Beneteau First 375 sailboat on a mooringA Beneteau First 375

Published Specification for the Beneteau First 375

Underwater Profile: Fin keel & spade rudder

Hull Material: GRP (Fibreglass)

Length Overall: 37'1" (11.3m)

Waterline Length: 33'2" (10.1m)

Beam: 12'4" (3.8m)

Draft: 6'6" (2.0m)

Rig Type: Masthead sloop.

Displacement: 15,432lb (7,000kg)

Ballast: 5,291lb (2,400kg)

Designer: Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design

Builder: Beneteau (France)

Year First Built: 1985

Year Last Built: 1989

Design Ratios: The Key Performance Indicators

The design ratios will give a reasonable prediction of how the boat is likely to perform in a seaway, but of course nothing beats a trial sail in various wind and sea conditions.

  • The Sail Area/Displacement Ratio (SA/D) is a measure of the boat's speed potential, and the Beneteau First 375 has a SA/D of 17.8, indicating a good balance between power and stability.
  • The Ballast/Displacement Ratio (B/D) of the Beneteau First 375 is 31.6%, which suggests that the boat has a moderate stability, with enough ballast to keep the boat upright in most conditions. This ratio is a good indicator of the boat's ability to handle rough seas.
  • The Displacement/Length Ratio (D/L) of the Beneteau First 375 is 204, which is considered moderate. This means the boat is neither too heavy nor too light, providing a good balance between speed and comfort.
  • The Comfort Ratio (CR) of the Beneteau First 375 is 25.5, indicating that the boat is designed for offshore cruising. This ratio suggests that the boat will provide a comfortable ride in most sea conditions.

  • The Capsize Screening Formula (CSF) for the Beneteau First 375 is 2.02, which is within the acceptable range for offshore sailing. This means the boat has a low risk of capsizing in heavy seas.

But what are the design ratios, and how are they derived?

Pros & Cons

The strengths of the Beneteau First 375 include its solid construction, spacious interior, and excellent sailing performance. The boat is built with a solid fiberglass hull and a balsa-cored deck, providing strength and durability.

The interior of the Beneteau First 375 is well-designed and spacious, with a large saloon, a well-equipped galley, and comfortable sleeping quarters. 

In terms of performance, the Beneteau First 375 is known for its speed and agility. The boat handles well in a variety of conditions, and its efficient design allows it to reach impressive speeds.

However, like any boat, the Beneteau First 375 has its weaknesses. Some owners have reported issues with the boat's electrical system, and the boat's performance can suffer in light winds.

Despite these issues, the Beneteau First 375 has received positive reviews from both the sailing press and owners. The boat's combination of performance, comfort, and value has earned it a reputation as a reliable and enjoyable sailboat.

The Beneteau First 375: A Few FAQs...

What, if any, alternative versions of the Beneteau First 375 were built and what are the differences between them?

There were two versions of the Beneteau First 375: a deep draft version and a shoal draft version. The deep draft version has a deeper fin which allows a lower center of gravity and extra performance especially upwind.

How many people can sleep on board a Beneteau First 375?

The Beneteau First 375 is designed to accommodate six to eight people.

How did the sailing press review the Beneteau First 375?

The Beneteau First 375 received positive reviews from the sailing press for its performance, comfort, and quality.

For example, Sail Magazine wrote in its review: "The First 375 is an excellent example of what Bénéteau does best: producing boats that combine speed, good looks, and comfort at a reasonable price".

Practical Boat Owner also praised the boat for its "sparkling performance, spacious accommodation, and good value for money".

Is the mast on the Beneteau First 375 deck-stepped or keel-stepped?

The mast on the Beneteau First 375 is keel-stepped.

What sailplan and rig options, if any, are available for the Beneteau First 375?

The Beneteau First 375 has a masthead sloop rig type. Two versions were produced: a tall rig and an alternative short rig.

What is the average asking price of a secondhand Beneteau First 375?

The average asking price for a secondhand Beneteau First 375 varies depending on its condition and other factors. Prices can range from £41,139 to €47,500.

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