The Hylas 56 Sailboat
Specs & Key Performance Indicators

The Hylas 56, a centre-cockpit sloop, was designed by German Frers and built in Taiwan by Queen Long Marine Co Ltd.

The Hylas 56 sailboat 'Alora'The Hylas 56

Published Specification for the Hylas 56

  • Underwater Profile: Bulb keel & spade rudder
  • Hull Material: GRP (Fibreglass)
  • Length Overall: 54'1" (16.5m)
  • Waterline Length: 46'0" (14.0m)
  • Beam: 15'10" (4.8m)
  • Draft: 7'4" (2.2m)*
  • Rig Type: Masthead sloop
  • Displacement: 50,200lb (22,771kg)
  • Designer: German Frers
  • Builder: Queen Long Marine Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Year First Built: 2011
  • Owners Association: Hylas Yacht Owners Association

* Also produced with centreboard keel; centreboard up 6'4", centreboard down 10'0"

Design Ratios: The Key Performance Indicators

The Hylas 56 is a premier luxury cruising yacht. Designed by German Frers, this beautiful sailboat combines comfort, seaworthiness, and high performance, offering sailors the freedom and adventure of sailing the seven seas in unparalleled style and ease. The extensive attention to detail and quality by the Hylas shipyards of Taiwan, along with the graceful yet powerful design of Frers, help make the Hylas 56 a dream-fulfilled for many.

In the realm of its design ratios, the statistics of the sailboat supply a sizable amount of data. One pivotal ratio for the Hylas 56 is the Sail Area/Displacement (SA/D) Ratio – a crucial determiner of the boat's performance – this ratio is lauded at 18.85, confirming an exceptional performance in diverse situations with different wind conditions.

The Ballast/Displacement Ratio of 33.08 signifies the ship's security and resilience in varying water conditions as well. A higher Ballast/Displacement Ratio equates to increased stability, even in rough sea states and high winds. Thus, this solid ratio speaks for the Hylas 56's inherent ability to remain balanced and well-poised at sea.

The Displacement/Length Ratio at 184.9, though appearing somewhat high, reflects the Hylas 56's built-for-comfort-and-luxury design ethos. This ratio suggests a boat that can tackle long voyages with ease, proving your sailing extend to be anything but strenuous or unpleasant.

The Comfort Ratio of 32.8 for the Hylas 56 shows a boat that genuinely lives up to its reputation as a high-end cruiser, as this ratio is an indicator of how comfortable a vessel is at sea during more inclement weather.

Finally, Hylas 56 presents a Capsize Screening Formula of 1.91, just below the accepted threshold of 2.0, providing a relatively low likelihood of capsize – a testament to its stability and safety on the sea.

Rig Alternatives

The Hylas 56 is typically offered as a sloop as the standard rigging configuration, preferred by many yacht owners for its ease of handling. However, alternative design and construction configurations such as cutter or ketch are also possible upon request, providing further versatility to the Hylas owner’s sailing ambitions.

Pros & Cons

One of the many strengths of the Hylas 56, as reported by accredited sailing press and owners alike, is its superb construction quality. The attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship that is characteristic of Hylas's shipyards is prominently visible throughout the yacht – from its hand-laid hull to its well-fitted interior.

Another key strength of the Hylas 56 is its excellent balance of performance and comfort. Its robust construction, high-quality equipment, and excellent sailing performance make it a pleasure to helm, while its commodious and luxuriously appointed interior ensures a comfortable voyage even on long ocean passages.

While the Hylas 56 offers many definite advantages, no yacht is without potential downsides. Some observers have noted that, while the comfort and luxuriousness of the vessel are undeniable, the relative complexity of its systems may present some challenges for those unaccustomed to yachts of this level of sophistication.

The Secondhand Market

Another aspect worth considering could be the price. As a luxury cruising yacht, the Hylas 56 carries a higher price tag compared to other sailboats in its class.

In terms of availability, the Hylas 56 is not as numerous on the secondary market as more mass-produced boats. However, a diligent search may yield a Hylas 56 for sale – a piece of luxury cruising history waiting to embark on new adventures.

For those interested in purchasing a Hylas 56, prices can vary depending on the boat's condition, age, and level of equipment. As a rough guideline, prices can range from around $700,000 to over a million dollars for newer or particularly well-equipped models.

The Competition

Compared to other boats in its class, such as the Oyster 565 or the Amel 55, the Hylas 56 stands out due to its exceptional quality of build, robustness, and masterful blending of performance and comfort. Its high SA/D and Ballast/Displacement ratios indeed set it apart from its peers.

However, these other models, especially the Oyster 565, provide stiff competition, particularly if a more modern appearance and features are more your style. Nevertheless, the Hylas maintains a loyal following due to its exceptional craftsmanship, it's construction and the timeless elegance it offers.

The allure of the Hylas 56 isn't only in its design ratios, build quality, or high performance; it goes way beyond these parameters. Its overall embodiment of freedom and adventure is the key. With this sailboat, you can sail anywhere in the world with style, comfort, safety, and rapidity.

From the incredible finished teak interior, spacious and comfortable staterooms, to its innovative design for easy and safe short-handed sailing, every feature is designed to enhance your travel experience. Whether it's a journey across the globe or a weekend getaway, the Hylas 56 is equipped with everything to make your sailing endeavors a success.

But is it for you?

Unless you've got very deep pockets then, sadly, no it's not.

Otherwis, when procuring a Hylas 56, paying attention to the boat’s maintenance history is vital. Given its complex systems, a well-maintained and regularly serviced Hylas 56 will offer far fewer headaches than one with a checkered maintenance history. It's crucial to acknowledge that any boat demand commitment in time and money to maintain its value and integrity.

So, does the Hylas 56 meet your sailing requirements and ambitions? The answer lies in your personal preference, your level of experience, and, of course, your budget. If a blend of high performance, luxury, and adventurous freedom is what you seek - the Hylas 56 could just be your dream come true.

To make an informed decision, it would be beneficial to test-sail a Hylas 56 if possible. Looking at ratios and reviews provide valuable data, but there’s something irreplaceable about physically taking the helm, feeling the balance and the responsiveness of the vessel, and experiencing the opulent comfort firsthand.

For those unable to take a test-sail, procuring feedback from current owners can be valuable. Online forums and communities can offer a wealth of insight not just about the boat’s performance, but also about the ongoing costs, quirks, and joys of owning a Hylas 56.

In conclusion, the Hylas 56 is a sailboat for the sailor who values robustness, luxury, and a high-performance sailing machine all rolled into one. It sails beautifully, presents a comforting and luxuriously appointed interior, and allows for the freedom of exploration wherever the winds may blow.

For many, owning a Hylas 56 is more than just having a fantastic sailing vessel; it's a way of life, an open ticket to the world waiting to be explored. It represents a unique feeling of freedom and adventure that only a select few will ever experience.

The Hylas 56 is the culmination of uncompromised craftsmanship, luxurious comfort, and sophisticated performance. Its layout options ensure it can be tailored to your personal requirements, while its reputation goes a long way towards securing its substantial resale value.

Indeed, caring for a Hylas 56 demands a level of commitment and love for the sailing lifestyle. If you're prepared for the investment, the Hylas 56 is an investment in creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Every time you set sail, from the moment you weigh anchor, till you dock at your destination, the Hylas 56 assures an incredible sailing experience. Each day at sea promises a new adventure, each destination – a new escapade.

At the end of the day, purchasing a Hylas 56 is more than just buying a sailboat. It's about investing in a philosophy and values that resonate with the very essence of sailing - freedom, adventure, and the thrill of tackling the world’s oceans on your very own terms. The Hylas 56 offers this and much more, presenting an irresistible package for those who can afford its allure.

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