Manhé-1, a Rival 38 for Sale
by owners Paul & Erica Savoie

Manhé-1, our sturdy, safe and reliable 1978 Rival 38 is for sale. Manhé-1 had a complete refit in 2022 (for a detailed list, see below) and is turn-key ready for ocean crossings and bluewater sailing. She's secure to sail in strong winds and a great place to live for two to three people.

Just bring your personal items and sail away!

Rival 38, 'Manhe', alonsideRival 38, 'Manhe', our long-distance liveaboard cruising yacht

But why are we selling our Rival 38?
We, Erica and Paul, have had the long-time dream of going sailing. We are based in Vienna, Austria and in 2022 we bought this wonderful boat and equipped her for ocean sailing.

We took one year off to cross the Atlantic and come back to the Mediterranean. Due to some delays and our desire not to rush through all the wonderful places, but to enjoy them, we changed our plans and decided to stay in the Canaries and then head back to mainland Europe.

In the summer of 2023, our year of sailing will come to an end and we will return to our regular lives and, with a heavy heart, sell our beloved home on the water.

Rival 38, 'Manhe', anchored'Manhe' at anchor

We are planning on returning to Monfalcone, Italy, in the northern Adriatic, in July/August 2023.

We will be making our way through the Mediterranean until then (May in Morocco/Spain; June in Balearic Islands, Sardinia and Sicily; July in the Adriatic).

If the opportunity arises, we’d be willing to deviate from this route to deliver the boat elsewhere in the Mediterranean - and of course, we are open to visits and viewings along the route.

Sails & Rigging

Rival 38, 'Manhe', underwayThe staysail is hanked on, enabling simple replacement with a storm jib should the need arise

In 2022, we got a new mainsail, furling jib and staysail.

The mainsail and staysail both have three reefs, allowing one to heavily reduce the size of the sail. The boat is as a result very comfortable to sail even in winds exceeding 35 knots.

Also in 2022, the standing rigging was replaced.

We’ve also replaced almost all running rigging in 2022/2023:

  • The main sheet (including a new block)
  • The main reefing lines
  • The furling jib reefing line
  • The furling jib sheets (including new sheet leads)
  • The furling jib halyard
  • The stay sail sheets
  • The stay sail halyard
  • The topping lift

We kept the old sails, which are in an okay condition, as spares:

  • One spare mainsail
  • One spare furling jib
  • One lightweight spinnaker - never used (there’s no spinnaker boom onboard)
Rival 38, 'Manhe', saloonManhe-1's cosy saloon - note the splashguard behind the galley sink


When we bought the boat, none of the instruments were working, so we equipped her with a set of completely new B&G instruments and got a custom-made stainless-steel bracket that holds the plotter (all 2022):

  • New B&G Zeus 3 Plotter, including a C-MAP chart of the entire Mediterranean & Canary Islands
  • Two new Triton 2 displays in the cockpit
  • New B&G wind indicator installed on top of mast
  • New B&G sonar and log
  • New NAC3/DD15 Autopilot system: Different to many modern boats, it is installed directly on the stainless-steel lever, with no chains and therefore rather failsafe
  • The cockpit compass was serviced (calibrated, liquid exchanged, sealants replaced, light fixed).
  • The VHF is one of the things that we didn’t replace, it is a Lowrance Link 5 device (supports DSC) and works without any issues.


Rival 38, 'Manhe', engineThe Mercedes OM636 marine diesel engine

The engine is still the original Mercedes OM636 (36hp) model from when the boat was built. We had some issues (oil and water leakage) after we bought the boat, so we had the engine lifted out of the boat, brought to a company specializing in renovating old diesel motors where it was completely dismantled, cleaned and put back together in summer 2022.

Of course, they also replaced all wear parts (v-belts, diesel, air and oil filters, tubes and sealants, etc.). Although costly and time-consuming, the overhaul has resolved all issues and it feels like a brand-new engine now. There are certainly more fuel-efficient and modern engines on the market, but it has been praised by many mechanics as being indestructible and very reliable.

Also, as this engine was used not only in boats but in cars, trucks, forklifts, etc, all over the world, it is therefore very easy to get spare parts, if necessary, wherever you are.

The engine uses about 4 liters/hour at cruising speed (around 5 knots).
Alongside the engine, we installed a new RPM indicator and temperature sensor and indicator.

The diesel tank holds 200 liters and was emptied and cleaned in 2022.

Rival 38, 'Manhe', companionwayThe companionway

Electrical system

The boat has 230V shoreline power with multiple adapters which feeds into a Sterling Power ProCharge charge controller.

Additionally, we have installed two 100watt solar panels with a SmartSolar charge controller (2022/2023). The solar panels are enough to make the boat self-sufficient (unless it’s cloudy for days on end, but then there’s still the engine).

The boat uses three batteries, each with a capacity of 95 Ah (all new 2022).
There are two auxiliary power outlets by the navigation table and a USB-A/USB-C outlet with up to 65 Watt charging power both in the front and one of the aft bunks.

All lights have been changed to LED bulbs in 2022.

Rival 38, 'Manhe', navigation stationThe navigation station is at the foot of the companionway on the port side
Rival 38, 'Manhe', galleyThe galley is at the foot of the companionway on the starboard side

Rival 38 Accommodation

Rival 38 LayoutThe accommodation plan
Rival 38, 'Manhe', forepeakA double - or two single berths - in the forecabin
  • There is a double bunk in the forecabin. It can be used either as a large double bed, or, if the triangular infill is removed between the two sides, as two separate bunks with easier access and some more room to stand.
  • The saloon technically accommodates 4 people (two in a double bed created by lowering the table and two in the bunk bed on starboard). However, we never had more than one person sleep in the saloon at a time.
  • In the stern, there are two single bunks (aka quarterberths) and an emergency exit hatch that leads right into the cockpit, which is great for quickly getting an idea of what’s going on outside.

We believe that the boat is perfectly suited for 2-3 people to live on. We’ve already sailed passages with 4 people, which also works very well.

Rival 38, 'Manhe', port quarterberthThe starboard side quarterberth
Rival 38, 'Manhe', starboard quarterberthThe port side quarterberth
Rival 38, 'Manhe', saloonThe dining table drops down to convert the portside seating to a double berth


Rival 38, 'Manhe', underwayThe deep cockpit and high guardwires provides security for the helmsman

The cockpit is very deep and one feels very secure in it.

  • In the cockpit, there are 3 lockers (one has been converted to hold the outdoor shower) to safely store various utensils while sailing.
  • When in bays or anchored, a homemade bimini can be easily put in place (however not suitable while sailing).
  • There is an emergency hatch leading into the cockpit which is great for serving meals during passages.


  • The jib sheets are operated via two Anderson 52 two-speed self-tailing winches.
  • There are additionally two two-speed Anderson 64 winches for the jib furling rope or when using the staysail and jib together.
  • There are three Lewmar 16 winches at the mast.

Water supply

  • The tank holds 416 liters and was emptied and cleaned in 2022.
  • A new water pressure pump was installed in 2023.
  • New faucets were installed in the galley and bathroom (the latter has a pull-out shower hose) in 2022.
  • An outdoor shower was installed in 2022.
  • There is a foot-pump for salt water in the galley.
  • Almost all hoses have been replaced in 2022.
Rival 38, 'Manhe', headThe head

Safety Equipment

We’ve made sure that the boat is up to date with its safety equipment in 2022, which now consists of:

  • a RescueMe OceanSignal EPIRB1 (2022);
  • 2 fog horns;
  • an emergency hull patching kit (2022);
  • a set of emergency wood plugs;
  • a drogue anchor (2022);
  • a 10-person life raft (2018), serviced in summer 2022;
  • 8 emergency flares (2022);
  • 4 parachute rockets (2022);
  • 1 orange smoke can (2022);
  • 1 Katadyn Survivor 06 hand-pump desalinator;
  • an emergency VHF antenna;
  • 1 throwline (2022);
  • 2 life buoys, one with a floating line;
  • 1 LED floating life buoy (2022);
  • 1 telescopic danbuoy;
  • 3 foam fire extinguishers (2022), one in the cockpit, two by the navigation table;
  • The electrical bilge pump was replaced in 2022
  • The manual bilge pump is operated from the cockpit and works well
  • a handheld VHF (2022);
  • a shroud cutter;
  • a fire blanket which is hung right next to the stove;
  • small binoculars;
  • a radar reflector, mounted on the mast;
  • a stable steel emergency tiller (that I actually believe makes steering possible in tough situations)

The boat also comes with 3 anchors:

  • One main 16kg CQR anchor with 50m of chain (10mm, very clear markings) and an anchor buoy. (It is operated via a manual windlass. We were worried at first that it would be cumbersome to use, but it turned out to work flawlessly and thanks to the long lever it is really easy to operate)
  • one 16k Fortress anchor (with 80m of line)
  • one 10kg stern anchor.

Finally, we’ve also made sure the on-board medication supply is up-to-date. We will take some of the everyday medicine with us, but special equipment for long sea passages will stay onboard.

Rival 38, 'Manhe', headA stainless-steel wash basin


In 2022, we installed:

  • a new two-burner ENO stove;
  • a lockable safe in one of the cupboards.

Other Equipment:

  • There are 3 Campingaz R907 refillable gas bottles. Each of them usually lasts us 3-4 weeks (and we cook a lot).
  • The kitchen is fully equipped with pots, pans, cutlery, plates, etc.
  • There are two fishing rods, including a hook and plastic decoys.

In the cockpit, we store

  • a new hose;
  • 3 buckets;
  • fuel and water canisters;
  • fenders (8 cylindrical, 2 round, 1 horseshoe for the bow);
  • a cover for the beautiful wooden steering wheel.

The boat also has a long list of spare parts, including

  • a lot of spare engine parts (many of them from 2022);
  • wires, plywood, connectors for the plumbing and electrical systems;
  • a spare gearbox;
  • and many more small parts.

What’s not included:

  • the dinghy and the outboard engine;
  • the AIS (We borrowed it and will return it. For a new (or used) AIS, all connections are ready and it just needs to be plugged (NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 compatible));
  • navigational paper charts (the digital chart is included);
  • our life vests;
  • most of the tools we will bring back home.

What we love about our Rival 38:

  • the deep cockpit that makes you feel safe at sea;
  • the comfortable sailing, even in rough conditions;
  • the comfortable and cozy feeling inside;
  • the huge navigation table;
  • the comfortable bunks;
  • the sturdy construction (long-fin keeler, skeg-hung rudder).
Rival 38, 'Manhe', underwaySailing comfortable under headsail alone

Work done in 2022/2023

Installation of new instruments:

  • new wind indicator on top of the mast;
  • new speed and depth inducer;
  • autopilot;
  • plotter and autopilot controls;
  • displays in the cockpit.
  • new antifouling;
  • new anodes;
  • maintenance of all sea cocks
  • new rigging (shrouds, stays, cables, …);
  • new gas oven;
  • engine removed, taken apart, cleaned and put back together, with lots of spare parts removed, feels like new
  • new engine instruments;
  • new compressor for fridge;
  • new navigation lights and anchor lights, tri-color light on top of mast;
  • new batteries;
  • maintenance of compass (new liquid, fixed light, calibrated)
  • repair of some issues on the teak deck
  • new shelves in cupboards by the mast, galley and cupboards;
  • installation of outdoor shower;
  • installation of indoor shower;
  • replacement of all light bulbs (now LED);
  • new faucets/plumbing in galley and bathroom;
  • new saltwater faucet and plumbing with foot pump;
  • teak deck reworked
  • toilet serviced
  • repair of sprayhood; (not yet in pictures);
  • repair of lazybags (not yet in pictures);
  • new halyards for jib and staysail, new sheets for main sail, jib and stay sail, new reef lines - for main and jib, new boom lift, new mooring ropes, new fenders;
  • new sails (main, jib and staysail);
  • cleaning of fuel and water tank;
  • cleaning of bilge;
  • new solar panels and charger;
  • new water pressure pump;
  • new block for main sheet;
  • new wagons for jib and staysail sheets;
  • sea-safe cutlery drawer;
  • new led light above stove;
  • replacement of almost all hoses for the water system;
  • maintenance the anchor windlass
  • installation of some new wires;
  • replacement of the caulking around all hatches (they were waterproof before, but the sealant was getting old).

Asking Price & Contacting the Owner

Rival 38, 'Manhe', alongsideManhé-1

We're asking €78,000 for Manhé-1, our Rival 38 long-distance liveaboard cruising yacht.

If you need more information or would like to be Manhé-1's new owner, please contact me, Paul Savoie, here...

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