'Mystery' Sailboat Images;
Can You Identify Them?

We used to call them photographs, but now we've all got digital cameras they're 'images' apparently - so 'sailboat images' it is from here on in.

If you're like me you can't resist taking a pic (sorry, image) or two whenever you see an interesting sailboat and have your camera handy.

Not that you need a 'proper' camera these days. Whilst I currently prefer to use a small travel/zoom camera - mine's a Lumix DMC TZ100  - excellent results can also be had from one of the modern smart phones or tablet pc's. Nevertheless, I intend to stick with my far more versatile digital compact camera.

I can identify most of the sailboat images I've taken ether because I recognize the boat make and model, or the owner has been aboard and has willingly answered my question...

"Nice boat, what is she?"

When the owner's not around and I can't find it on the internet, I have to find someone with superior knowledge - which is what I'm doing now...

So if you recognize any of the 'mystery' sailboat images below and can spare a couple of minutes to enlighten me, I'd be very grateful.

You can use the 'Comments' form at the bottom of this page if you're on Facebook, or the 'Contact Us' form if you're not. So here goes...

Sailboat Images:

But before we start:- If you've arrived at this page expecting to see a lot more sailboat images than shown here, please accept my apologies and click here for more sailboat images...

Mystery Boat #1

As my sailboat images go, this is one of my better efforts...

Here's the first of these 'mystery' sailboat images...

I took this pic back in 2006 while sailing (OK, motoring) in a flat calm Ionian Sea off Paxos. A classic looking German registered sloop, but what is she? Looks an American design to me. Sparkman & Stephens maybe?

Mystery Boat #2

Mystery Sailboat Image #2

I took this one of a cruising sloop beating out of San Francisco Bay from a vantage point halfway across the 'Golden Gate Bridge' - it's a long walk from one side to the other and back again. But I'm a Brit so it had to be done - together with a trip to Alcatraz Island, marveling at the sealions on Pier 39, a ride clinging desperately to the outside of a cable car and clam chowder on Fishermen's Wharf.

But back to the boat. Perhaps the emblem on the sail's a clue? Any ideas anyone?

Mystery Boat #3

Mystery Sailboat Pic #3

Same day and same spot on the Golden Gate Bridge but a different boat on the opposite tack. Boat name looks like 'Velella'. Anyone recognize Mystery Boat 3?

Mystery Boat #4

Mystery Sail Boat Image #4

Another sloop, on Lake Michigan this time. Boat name is 'Whisper'. Can anyone identify her?

Mystery Boat #5

Mystery Sailing Boat Image #5

2009 this time. 'Dragonfly', an attractive cutter-rigged cruising trimaran at anchor in 'Prince Rupert's Bay' off Portsmouth, Dominica. Any ideas?

Mystery Boat #6

Mystery Sailing Boat Pic #6

'Laleine Roads', a high volume, centre-cockpit cruising ketch off St Barts, West Indies in 2010. Nice to see a Monitor Windvane Self Steering Gear on the transom, but what is she?

Update: Now identified! 'Laleine Roads' is a Whitby 42.

Mystery Boat #7

Mystery Sail Boat Pic #7

This is 'Nele', a purposeful looking cutter rigged sloop at anchor off the quaintly named 'Witches Tit' in Simpson Bay Lagoon, St Marten. The year is 2010, but what's the boat?

Mystery Boat #8

Mystery Sailboat Pic #8

Simpson Bay Lagoon, St Maarten, 2010 again. A heavy displacement, canoe sterned cutter with a boomed staysail. 'Pacific Quest' she's called. Anyone recognize her?

Suggestions so far include Hans Christian, Crealock, Pacific Seacraft, Tayana, Tashiba, Union Polaris...

Mystery Boat #9

Mystery Sailing Boat Picture #9

'Passe Partout' anchored off 'The Witches Tit' in Simpson bay Lagoon, St Maarten in 2010. A centre-cockpit cutter rigged sloop, but what's the make and model?

Mystery Boat #10

Mystery Sailboat Photo #10

I snapped this junk-rigged ketch 'Gypsy Blue' in Rodney Bay, St Lucia in 2012. It's either a Freedom or a Nonsuch, but which? And another contender is, I'm told, an Herreschof 33...

Update:~ I've had a look at another pic of this boat and the emblem shown here is on the cavita line near the bow. Is this another clue as to what exactly this boat is?

Now ID'd:~ General consensus has it that this is a Freedom 35!

Now absolutely, positively identified!:~ By Charley Abrams, who tells me

"Mystery boat #10 is a Freedom 35 - It's my dad's boat!"

Thank you Charley.

Mystery Boat #11

Mystery Sailboat Image #11

This rather colourful double-headed sloop is about to drop the hook close by us in Admiralty Bay, Bequia during 2012. I don't recognise the make/model. Do you?

Mystery Boat #12

Mystery Sailing Yacht Image #12

I really like the look of this cruising trimaran which was anchored off 'Alacazam's' stern in Rodney Bay, St Lucia in 2012. A cutter rigged ketch, she looks light and quick. I'm pretty sure I've seen her on a mooring in Bequia, so maybe that's her home port. Is she a one-off I wonder?

Update:~Mystery solved! Jeff Turner of Cross Multihull Designs has confirmed that this trimaran is one of their designs.

Mystery Boat #13

Mystery Yacht Image #13

This center cockpit, cutter rigged Oyster was anchored in the outer anchorage at Jolly Harbour, Antigua in 2009. It looks like a Kim Holman design and at first I thought it was an Oyster 485, but now I'm not so sure. What do you think?

Mystery Boat #14

Mystery Sail Boat Image #14

A rather sleek 3-spreader, fractionally rigged fast cruising sloop anchored off St Annes, Martinique in 2009. Clearly a lightweight flyer, but what is she?

Mystery Boat #15

Mystery Sailing Boat Image #15

Another fast cruising trimaran which sailed past 'Alacazam' just off Diamond Rock, when on passage to Martinique in 2009. Could this be an old Derek Kelsall design?

Update:~ It's 'Drabennec', a Newick 45 from 1983 originally named 'Rusty Pelican'. The boat is now in the Golf du Morbihan in France. Thank you Marc Pardailhé-Galabrun for the positive identification!

and finally...

If you're able to help with identifying any of the above sailboats, please use the 'Comments' form below if you're on Facebook, or you can contact me directly if you're not.

And if you do have any sailboat images of your own that you'd like identified, please feel free to attach them to an email and I'll be delighted to post them here if I can't ID them myself.

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