Yacht Rigging Services in the Eastern Caribbean

All sailors, racing or cruising, are aware of the importance of having their rigging in top notch condition. If it's not, the structural integrity of your rig will be at risk and your boat's performance will suffer.

Here in the Eastern Caribbean, the brisk tradewind conditions will soon seek out any weakness in your gear.

We hope that's not why you're on this page, looking for Yacht Rigging Services on the nearest island...

The Islands listed here each have one or more Yacht Rigging Services

Clicking on the island will get you their location and contact details. 

If you know of any yacht riggers or spar makers that should be listed here - but aren't - please let us know...

Yacht Rigging Services in...


Taylor Made Antigua Courtesy Flag; 24'' X 36''

A&A Rigging: ph (268) 464-9962, 562-5616;

Antigua Rigging

Location: Bailey's Boatyard, Catamaran Marina, Antigua.

Phone: (268) 562-1294;

Full yacht rigging services for cruising and racing. Surveys and evaluations of spars and rigging, large inventory of exotic and cruising cordage, rig tuning.

Website: www.antiguarigging.com

email: info@antiguarigging.com

Antigua Rigging: ph (268) 562-1294;


Taylor Made St Vincent Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Piper Marine: ph (784) 457 3856;


Taylor Made Dominican Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

SoSo Marine: ph 767-612-1886;


Taylor Made Grenada Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Grenada Marine 443-1667

Turbulence: ph 439 4495;


Taylor Made France Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

CTA: ph 0590 38 78 98;

GPS Rigging Service: ph 0690 58 18 04;


Taylor Made France Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Caribbean Rigging: ph (0596) 74 80 33;

Sea Services: ph (0596) 70 26 69;

St Barts

Taylor Made France Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

St Barts Rigging Services Le Shipchandler: ph (0590) 27 86 29;

St Lucia

Taylor Made St Lucia Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

The Sail Loft: ph (758) 452 1222;

Sint Maarten (Dutch)

Taylor Made Netherlands Dyed Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

St Martin (French)

Taylor Made France Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

FKG Rigging: ph 599-544-4733/5691;

M.U.S.T Yacht Rigging: ph 590-44-16-16

The BVIs

Taylor Made British Virgin Islands Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Richardson's Rigging Services (Tortola): ph 494-2739;


Taylor Made Us Virgin Island Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Island Rigging & Hydraulics (St Thomas): ph 774-6833;

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