Shipwrights and Carpenters in the Eastern Caribbean

Need a new tiller, or maybe a bespoke wooden holder for your camera or binoculars? Perhaps a new teak deck or something even more extensive on your vintage wooden sailing boat?

Here's where to find those shipwrights and carpenters in the Windward and Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean that will get the job done.

The Islands listed here each have one or more Shipwrights and Carpenters.

Clicking on the island will get you their names and contact details. 

If you know of any shipwrights and carpenters that should be listed here - but aren't - please let us know...

Shipwrights and Carpenters in these Islands...


Antigua & Barbuda Flag

Antigua Boatbuilders: ph (268) 772-6621;

Antigua Boats & Carpentry: ph (268) 720-2032,

Anything Wood: ph (268) 726-1690;

Attley's Woodwork: ph (268) 728-1328;

Chippy: ph (268) 464-2447; 

Evanson Gage: ph (268) 773-1132;

Harbour Woodwork: ph (268) 723-1108;

Harris Boat Works: ph (268) 462-5333;

Phoenix Custom Carpentry: ph (268) 464-3794;

Sunny's Woodworking & Yacht Refit: ph (268) 463-0095;

Ultra Yacht Refit: ph (268) 736 3881,

Woodstock Boatbuilders: ph (268) 463-6359; more details...

Grenada & Carriacou

Grenada & Carriacou flag


Cottle Boat Works: ph (473) 444 1070;

Driftwood: ph (473) 459 9859;

Fortress Marine Grenada Ltd: ph (473) 419 3795;

Grenada Marine: ph (473) 443-1667; more details...

Shipwrights: ph (473) 443 1062;


None known

Guadeloupe, Les Saintes & Marie Galante

France flag


Andre Balay: ph 0590 41 29 58;

CTA: ph 0590 38 78 98;

MB Yacht Services: ph 0590 31 49 82;

Les Saintes

None known

Marie Galante

None known


France flag

Caraibe Menuiseri: ph (0696) 25 76 04;

Le Suisse: ph (0696) 40 62 90;

St Barts

France flag

2-Swedes: ph (0590) 41 88 14;

St Kitts

Fortress Marine: ph (869) 663 4307;


None known

St Lucia

St Lucia flag

Miller Philip: ph (758) 450 8679;

Pride: ph (758) 284 7948;

Tyson: ph (758) 452 5794;

Sint Maarten (the Dutch side)

Netherlands flag

St Martin (the French side)

France flag

Dutch Side:

Caamano Marine: ph 599-524-0075;

Douglas A. Brookes: ph 599-552-0220;

Maintech: ph 599-544-3146: more details...

Palapa Shipwrights: ph 599-554-1584;

Venio Woodwork: ph 721-580-6348;

French Side:

CustomFitMarine: ph 721-587-4546;

Woodkrafts: ph 721-526-0649;

St Vincent & the Grenadines

St Vincent & the Grenadines flag

St Vincent:

None known


East Coast Yacht Refinishing: ph (784) 458-3722


None known


None known

Petite St Vincent:

None known

Union Island:

None known

The BVIs

BVIs flag


A & M Quality Marine Services: ph (284) 544-6106;

BVI Marine Services: ph 494-2393;

E & S Yacht Maintenance: ph 495-7500;

Frenchman's Cay Shipyard: ph  495-4353;

Omega Caribbean: ph 494-2943;

The Carpenter's Shop: ph 495-4353

The Woodshop: ph 494-2393;

The Workbench: ph (284) 495-5310;

The Yacht Shop: ph 540-2333;

Virgin Gorda

None known


USVIs flag

St Croix

None known

St John

None known

St Thomas

Subbase Drydock: ph (340) 779-8426;

John McKay Carpentry: ph (340) 513-0116;

DM Woodworking: ph (340) 714-4978;

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago, flag


A & G Yacht Works: ph 868-634-1206;

Austal: ph 868-222-9055;

Craftline Woodworking: ph 868-349-6680;

Fortress Woodworking: ph 868-634-4510;

John Francois Woodworking: ph 868-634-2066;

Laine Company Boatworks Ltd: ph 868-685-3308;

Master Yachts Carpenter & Cabinet Maker: ph 868-664-8431;

Same Crew Woodworking: ph 868-779-1232;

Soca Sailboats: ph 868-627-0092;

The Ship's Carpenter: ph 868-634-2205;


None known

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