Fibreglass Hull Repairs in the Islands of the Eastern Caribbean

If you cruise in a GRP boat, sooner or later you're going to need to get a fibreglass hull repair unless you're very lucky.

Perhaps just a dink in a slightly flawed berthing manouver - or something more disappointing.

Either way, one of the following facilities will have your hull's integrity re-established.

The Islands listed here each have at least one Fibreglass Hull Repairer.

Clicking on the island will find those facilities together with their contact details. 

If you know of any GRP and Gelcoat Specialists that should be listed here - but aren't - please let us know...

Fibreglass Hull Repairs in...

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda Flag

Antigua Boats & Carpentry: ph (268) 720-2032,

Antigua Boatbuilders Company: ph (268) 772-6621;

Antigua Yacht Painting: ph (268) 774-1461;

Caribbean Marine Painting: ph (268) 773-6259;

Caribbean Yacht Coatings: ph (268) 788-4463;

Exclusive Fine Finish: ph (268) 782-6036;

Wayfarer Marine: ph (207) 236 4378;

Woodstock Boatbuilders: ph (268) 463-6359; more details...

Grenada & Carriacou

Grenada & Carriacou flag


Grenada Marine: ph (473) 443-1667; more details...

Hands On Yacht Services: ph (473) 420-4129;


None known

Guadeloupe, Les Saintes & Marie Galante

France flag


MB Yacht Services: ph 0590 31 49 82;

Les Saintes

None known

Marie Galante

None known


France flag

Alain Delgraves:  ph (0596) 92 02 99;

Alize Composites:  ph (0696) 00 12 34;

Aquatech: ph (0596) 80 94 89;

EM Composites: ph (0596) 62 91 95;

GRPro Clean Antilles: ph (0596) 74 81 19;

Hybride Diffusion: ph (0596) 86 67 03;

Polymar: ph (0596) 70 62 88;

Renevoboats: ph (0596) 25 01 92;

RM Services: ph (0696) 72 25 44;

TechniMarine: ph (0696) 25 84 79;

St Barts

France flag

2-Swedes: ph (0590) 41 88 14;

St Lucia

St Lucia flag

Mermaid Marine: ph (758) 488 5291;

Sint Maarten (the Dutch side)

Netherlands flag

St Martin (the French side)

France flag

Dutch Side:

Classic Fibreglass: ph 721-581-9405;

Kunta Classic Yacht Repairs: ph 721 553 2959;

Maintech: ph 599-544-3146:

Paint Tech: ph 721-586-7187;

Quality Yacht Refurbishing: ph 721-523-6576;

French Side:

CustomFitMarine: ph 721-587-4546;

Pascal Register: ph 0690-35-84-45;

Polypat Caraibes: ph 0590-87-12-01;

Star Marine: ph 0690-73-05-88;

St Vincent & the Grenadines

St Vincent & the Grenadines flag

St Vincent:

None known


East Coast Yacht Refinishing: ph (784) 458-3722;

SVG Yacht Services: ph (784) 530 8300; more details...


None known


None known

Petite St Vincent:

None known

Union Island:

Unitech Marine Services: ph (784) 458 8320;

The BVIs

BVIs flag


BVI Painters: ph 494-4365;

Tony’s Marine Refinishing Services: ph 494-0140;

VI Marine Refinishing: ph 494-0361;

Virgin Gorda

None known


USVIs flag

St Croix

None known

St John

None known

St Thomas

Subbase Drydock: ph (340) 779-8426;

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago, flag


Barker Gelcoat Restoration: ph 868-694-0064;

Boatwords & More: ph 868-731-4483;

Caribbean Carbon Works: ph 868-497-4964

Garth Walker Yacht Repairs: ph 868-762-5159;

Industrial Marine & Control Specialist: ph 868-681-4434;

KNJ Marine Services: ph 868-634-1021;

Marc One Marine Supplies: ph 868-634-2259;

Yacht Maintenance Services: ph 868-634-1165;


None known

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