Boatyards, Marinas & Yacht Service Providers in the Eastern Caribbean

It's not always easy to find the right yacht service provider in the Windward and Leeward Islands (the West Indies) of the Eastern Caribbean, which is why we've put this on-line reference guide together. 

As you can imagine it's a major task for us to set up and maintain, with new endeavours opening regularly and old ones falling by the wayside.

So this will be a dynamic resource and we will strive to keep it up to date.

We believe it to be accurate, comprehensive and current - but where you know differently, please contact us to put us right.

But we hope that it can provide an answer to the question:-

'Where do I go to get this fixed?'

Want your company to be listed in this Yacht Services Directory?
If you're a yacht service provider located in the Eastern Caribbean and your name doesn't appear below, then you're probably not yet listed in this directory. Please contact us for a free listing.

A: A & F Sails;  A Zero Degrees Refrigeration;  A&A Rigging;  A.B.S;  A.F.Valmont;  A1 Island Marine Supplies;  A1 Marine Services;  Ace Sails and Canvas;  Acid;  Action Adventure Divers;  Admiral Marine Management;  Admiralty Dive Center;  Advanced Marine Systems;  Akwaba;  Alain Delgraves;  Alan Hooper;  Albert Lucas;  Alcatraz Sewing;  Aldive;  Alfred’s Electric & AC;  Alize Composites;  Alize Voiles;  Alizes Yacht Services;  Allan and Gerard Yacht Works;  Allick Sails;  Alpha Upholstery and Canvas;  Altec Marine;  American Yacht Harbor;  Amtec Electronics;  Anchor Conscierge & Superyacht Services;  Anchor Dive Centre;  Anchorage Dive Centre;  Anchorage Yacht Club;  Andre Balay;  Anro Agencies;  Anthinea;  Anthony Penn;  Antigua Boatbuilders Company;  Antigua Boats & Carpentry;  Antigua Brightworks;  Antigua Divers;  Antigua Mahogany;  Antigua Marine Services;  Antigua Rigging;  Antigua Sails;  Antigua Slipway;  Antigua Yacht Club Marina;  Antigua Yacht Painting;  Antigua Yacht Services;  Antigua Yachts Marine Refrigeration;  Antilles Greement;  Antilles Marine Services;  Antilles Yachting Services;  Antilles Yachts;  Anything Wood;  Aqua Action;  Aqua Venture Scuba Services;  Aquanaut;  Aquanauts;  AquaSports;  Aquatech;  Arawak Divers;  ARC Dynamic Workshop;  Assistance Marine;  Associated Marine Design;  Atelier Maurice Philis;  Atelier Sylvestre;  Atlantis Marine;  Attley's Woodwork;  Austal;  Awlgrip Antigua;  Awon's Marine Services; 

B: Bailey's Boatyard;  Barefoot Marine Centre;  Barker Gelcoat Restoration;  Barrow Sail Loft;  Basil St.John;  Bastien Saint-Jours;  Bay Central;  BBC Yachting;  Ben's Yacht Services;  Bequia Canvas;  Bequia Dive Adventure;  Bequia Marina;  Bichik Services;  Big Wood Bush;  Billy Bailey;  Billy's Rigging;  Biras Creek Estate;  Bitter End Yacht Club;  Blue Island Divers;  Blue Water Divers;  Boat Paint & Stuff;  Boaters Shop;  Boatinox;  Boatwords and More;  Bob Goodchild;  Bobby's Marina;  Bolie Yacht Maintenance;  Bongo;  Bookay Marine Boat Repair;  Bowline Yachts Ltd;  Bracknell's Laundromat;  Brocco Sail Repairs;  Buddies Scuba;  Budget Marine;  Burton's Laundry;  BVI Marine Management;  BVI Marine Services;  BVI Painters; 

C: C&J Laundromat;  Caamano Marine;  Cabrits Dive Centre;  Cadet-Petit;  Calypsew Canvas;  Calypso Marine Canvas;  Cane Bay Dive Shop;  Canouan Dive Centre;  Canter de Jager;  Canvas Factory & Lee Sails;  Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina;  Captain Nautique;  Captain Oliver's;  Caraibe Diving;  Caraibe Greement;  Caraibe Menuiseri;  Caraibe Yachts;  Caraibes Covering;  Caraibes Diesel Services;  Caraibes Greement;  Caraibes Marine;  Caren Antilles;  Carene Shop;  Caribbean Awning Production Co;  Caribbean Concierge Services;  Caribbean Current;  Caribbean Diesel;  Caribbean Divers;  Caribbean Inflatable Service;  Caribbean Marine Electrical;  Caribbean Marine Painting;  Caribbean Marine Surveyors;  Caribbean Rigging;  Caribbean Safety Products;  Caribbean Yacht Coatings;  Caribbean Yacht Management;  Carl Rivere;  Case Pilot Diving Club;  Catamaran Marina;  Cay Electronics;  CCCL Systems;  CEBI;  Centre Departmental de Pleine Nature;  Chaguaramas Metal Works;  Chalmessin;  Chantier Naval Alain Foy;  Chez Beranger;  Chico Itopie;  Chin's Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services;  Chippy;  Chris Sawyer Diving Center;  Chute D'eau Marine;  Clair de Vent;  Clarence Marsh;  Clarence Thomas Ltd;  Clarke's Court Boatyard & Marina;  Clarke's Upholstery;  Classic Fibreglass;  Classic Yacht Service;  Clinton Brewster;  Clippers Ship;  Coast to Coast Services;  Coki Beach Dive Club;  Cold Keate;  Compass Point Marina;  Composite Yachting;  Compression Tech.Services;  Cool Racoon Laverie;  Coopemar;  Corail Club Caraibes;  Coral Bay Sails;  Coral Cove Marina;  Cottle Boat Works;  Craftline Woodworking;  Crews Inn;  Crown Bay Marina;  Crown Boat Yard;  Cruz Bay Watersports;  CTA;  Curtis Barton;  Curtis 'Bashman' Edmond;  Custom Carpentry;  Custom Fit Marine;  

D: Daffodil Marine;  David Thomas;  Debrouilla Marine;  Deefer Diving;  Deep Blue Marine; Delta Voiles;  Desi Mc Intosh;  Desi Mechanical Services;  Destination St Lucia;  Devcom;  Diesel Caraibes;  Diesel Outfitters;  Diginav;  Dillinger;  Dinghy Spot;  Dive Bequia;  Dive BVI;  Dive Dominica;  Dive Experience;  Dive Grenada;  Dive In;  Dive Safaris;  Dive St Croix;  Dive St Kitts;  Dive St Vincent;  Dive Tortola;  Dock Maartin;  Dockyard Divers;  Dockyard Mechanics;  Dockyard Sales and Service;  Dominic Webber;  Dominica Marine Centre;  Dominica Yacht Services;  Don Hughes;  Douglas A. Brookes;  Douglas Yacht Services;  Doyle Sailmakers;  Doyle Voilerie du Marin;  Driftwood;  Dulac;  Dynamic Electrics;  Dynamite Marine; 

E: E & MSC;  E & S Yacht Maintenance;  East Carib Dive;  East Coast Yacht Refinishing;  Easy Sailing Services;  Echo Marine;  Eden Plongee;  Egreteau Marine Services;  Electec;  Electro Marine;  Electro Nautic;  Elvis;  EM Composites;  Emilien & Romain Gréement;  Ener-Tech;  Eniath's Upholstering;  Enza Marine;  Equinox;  Equipment and Supply;  Espace Ocean;  Espace Plongee;  Euroservie;  Evanson Gage;  Exclusive Fine Finish; 

F: Fabweld;  Falmouth Harbour Chandlery;  Falmouth Harbour Marina;  Falmouth Tool & Die;  FD Marine Services;  Fish Hawk Marina;  Fitzroy's Rewinding;  Fixman Marine Engineering;  FKG Marine Rigging & Fabricating;  Fort Burt Marina;  Fort Young Dive Centre;  Fortress Marine;  Fortress Marine Ltd;  Fortress Woodworking;  Fraicher Service;  Fraicheur Service;  Fred Marine Mecanique;  Frederic Morel;  Freeman’s Laundry;  Frenchman's Cay Shipyard;  Frenchtown Marina;  Frostline; 

G: Garnet Williams;  Garth Walker Yacht Repairs;  Gas King;  Gateway Marina;  Geminga;  General Mecanique Marine;  Genesis Yacht Services;  GPS Rigging Service;  Great House Marina;  Green Cay Marina;  Gregg Outboard;  Grenada Marine;  Grenada Yacht Club;  Grenadine Sails;  Grenadine Yacht Equipment;  Grenadine Yacht Equipment (GYE);  Grenadines Dive;  Grenadines Sails & Canvas;  GRPro  Clean Antilles;  GWA Dive; 

H: Harbour Woodwork;  Harmony Yacht Services;  Harris Boat Works;  Haulover Marine;  Haulover Marine Yachting Center;  Havin's Marine;  Henning Schneider Marine Engineering Services;  Henry Safari;  Hezron Wilson;  Hezron Wilson Refrigeration;  Hors Board Plus;  Howard Malone;  Howards Marine;  Hughes Marine;  Hybride Diffusion; 

I: Ian Taxi;  ICE Ltd;  IEB Marine Surveyors;  Igna Mitchell;  IGY Rodney Bay Boatyard;  Immersion Caraibes;  IMS Yacht Services;  In Stitches;  Inboard Diesel Services;  Incidences;  Independent Boatyard;  Indigo Dive;  Indigo Yachts;  Industrial Marine and Control Specialist;  Inner Harbour Marina;  International Marine Management;  Intersport;  Island Divers;  Island Dreams;  Island Laundry & Dry Cleaners;  Island Marine Outfitters;  Island Marine Special;  Island Rigging & Hydraulics;  Island Water World;  Island Yacht Management & Maintenance; 

J: J.M.L. Marine;  Jacques Schawatt;  Jane's Yacht Services;  Jawa Sebastion;  Jean-Michel Rollande;  Jimmy Aboud;  JMC Boatyard;  Joe Brown;  Johannes Laundry;  John Francois Woodworking;  Johnny Sails & Canvas;  Johnson's Marine Hardware;  Jolly Dive;  Jolly Harbour Marina;  JST International;  JT's Yacht Finishes;  Julius Mills;  Just Canvas;  JYA; 

K: Kalinargo;  Karukera Marine;  Kennedy Joseph;  Kenneth's Dive Centre;  Kenny Awlgrip;  Kent Andrews;  Kessel Marine;  Kilbride's Sunchaser Scuba;  Kiss Marine;  KJ Welding Supplies;  KMS Marine Services;  KNJ Marine Services;  Kool Air & Electric;  KP Marine; 

L: L.P. Marine & Industrial Supplies;  La Boutik SMCR;  La Bulle;  La Dive Bouteille;  La Lavandiere;  La Serena Varnish Works;  La Survy;  La Voilerie;  Lagoon Marina;  Lagoon Marine;  Laine Company Boatworks Ltd;  Laverie Prolaunet;  Le Grenier du Marin;  Le Marin Pecheur;  Le Phare Blue Marina;  Le Ship;  Le Shipchandler;  Le Suisse;  Le Voilerie de Port Franc;  Les Heures Saines;  Les Passagers du Vent;  Les Saintes Multiservices;  Lester Lewis;  L'Etang Z'abricot;  L'Etang Z'abricots;  Leverick Bay Marina;  Liferaft & Inflatable Centre;  Liferafts Etc;  Lighthouse Laundry;  Lighthouse Marine;  Lighthouse Yachting;  Lin's Laundry & Dry Cleaning;  Littoral;  L'lle Marine;  Localize;  Loren Denova;  Lubeco;  Lulley's Tackle Shop;  Lumbadive;  Lychee Plongee; 

M: M.C.J. Fabrication;  M.U.S.T Yacht Rigging;  MackTech Marine Services;  Madco;  Maggies Laundry;  Mahogany Watersports;  Maintech;  Man Balaou;  Manela Cain;  Manfred Dietrich Canvas Works;  Manu Voiles;  Manuel Reef Marina;  Marc One Marine Supplies;  Marcus Joseph;  Marcus Marine Works;  Marigothill Laundromat;  Marilyn's Marine;  Marin Plongee;  Marina at Marigot;  Marina Basse du Fort;  Marina Confection;  Marina de Riviere Sens;  Marina du Bakoua;  Marina du Francois;  Marina du Marin;  Marina du Robert;  Marina Fort St Louis;  Marina Pointe du Bout;  Marina Port La Royale;  Marina St Francois;  Marine & General Upholsterers;  Marine Consultants;  Marine Consultants & Surveyors;  Marine Engineering 24/7;  Marine Machine;  Marine Maintenance Services;  Marine Management Services;  Marine Power Services;  Marine Refrigeration and Aircon Services;  Marine Safety Equipment Service & Sales;  Marine Trading;  Marine Warehouse;  Mariner Yacht Services;  MarinTek;  Marionics;  Martial Barriel;  Martinav;  Martinik Voilerie;  Martinique Diesel;  Martin's Marina;  Master Yachts Carpenter & Cabinet Maker;  Master's Laundrys;  Maude's Laundry;  Maurice's Underwater Services;  Mavis Laundry;  Max Marine;  Maximarine;  Maxwill Inflatable Work;  Mayrik Yacht Design;  MB Yacht Services;  McIntyre Bros;  MDG Welding Services;  Me Cool Brightworks;  Meca' Bats;  Mecanique Plaisance;  Mendall;  Mendall General Engineering;  Mer & Sport;  Merdoc Marine;  Mermaid Marine;  MGS;  Micad Marine;  Michael's Marine Services;  Michelle Matthews;  Mikey;  Miller Philip;  Minville Marine;  Miranda's laundry;  Miss Clean;  MJC Fabrication;  MoFab;  Ms Baltimore's Laundry;  Multicap Caraibes;  Multiserv;  Mustique Watersports;  My Beautiful Laundrette; 

N: Nanny Cay Marina;  NAPA;  Nature Island Dive;  Nauti Solutions;  Nautic Froid;  Nautic Services;  Nautica Antilles;  Nautical Management Services Ltd;  Naut'il Services;  Nautiservices;  Nau-T-Kol Marine Refrigeration;  Nautool Machine;  Necol;  Neighborhood Laundry;  NeilPryde Sails;  Nelson's Dockyard Marina;  Neo Marine;  Neptunes Loft;  Nevis Gases;  Nevis Scuba Diving;  Next Wave Sail & Canvas;  Nicky and Nolan Hazel;  Nitrogen;  Noa Plongee;  North Sails;  North Sound Marine; 

O: Ocean Explorers;  Ocean Passion;  Octoplus;  Olivier;  Omega Caribbean;  O'Neal Gases Ltd;  Otis Payne; 

P: Paint Tech;  Palapa Marina;  Palapa Marina Laundry;  Palapa Shipwrights;  Palmtree Marine;  Papa D'Olo;  Papa Mitch;  Parts & Power;  Pascal Register;  Patrick Roget;  Peake Chandlery;  Peake Yacht Services;  Penn's Landing Marina;  Permafrost;  Peter Island Yacht Harbour;  Phil a Voile;  Phoenix;  Piper Marine;  Piper's Brightwork;  Pisquettes;  Placid Lawrence;  Planete Bleue;  Plongee Note Bleue;  Plus Nautique;  Pochon;  Polymar;  Polypat;  Polypat Caraibes;  Popeye;  Port du Marin;  Port Louis Marina;  Port of Gustavia;  Port Zante;  Porto Cupecoy;  Portofino Marina;  Power Boats;  Precision Yacht Paintings;  Press'Net;  Prickly Bay Marina;  Pride;  ProDive;  ProDivers;  Profil Ocean;  Protech Engineering Services;  Proto Meca;  Prudent Repairs;  Puces Nautiques; 

Q: Quality Yacht Refurbishing;  Quantum Sails;  Quick & Reliable;  Quick Fix Refrigeration; 

R: Radica Trading;  Radio Doctor Services;  Radisson Marina;  Rahaman's Upholstery Supplies;  Rainbow Company;  Rawle's Boat Painting;  Raymond Kernahan;  Reefco Marine Refrigeration;  Regis Electronics;  Renevoboats;  Richard Dupois;  Richard Varnishing Services;  Richard Watson;  Richardson's Rigging Services;  Rick's Dive World;  Ricky Denoon;  RM Services;  Rob Marine;  Roby Mecanique;  Rock Taxi;  Rodgers Laundromat;  Rodney Bay Marina;  Rodney Bay Sails;  Ruan's Marine;  Ruby Yacht Refit;  Rupert James Yacht Services;  Rusty's International;  Ryte Weld Enterprises; 

S: S.A.D.;  Safe Yachts Grenada;  Sail Caribbean Divers;  Saintes Brico;  Salt River Marina;  Sam & Dave Laundry;  Sam Saville;  Sam Tan Tan;  Same Crew Woodworking;  Sammy's Boatyard & Marina;  SCUBA;  Scuba Fun Caraibes;  Scuba Shop;  Scuba St Lucia;  Scuba Tech;  Scubawest;  Sea & Sail;  Sea Logic;  Sea Recovery Caribbean;  Sea Safety Services;  Sea Services;  Sea Wolf Diving School;  Seagull Inflatables;  Seagull Services;  SeaSystems Marine Electronics;  Secret Harbour Marina;  Security & Outdoor World;  Sellerie du Lagon;  Sellerie Marine;  Seminole Marine & Shipyard;  Service Plongee;  Serviciz;  SF Sailing;  Shah's Upholstery Centre;  Shell Baughter's Bay Depot;  Shell Beach Boatyard;  Shell Fish Bay;  Ship Occose;  Shipmate Marine;  Shipwrights;  Shrimpy's Laundry;  Signal Refrigeration;  Simpson Bay Bobby's;  Simpson Bay Diesel;  Simpson Bay Marina;  Simpson Engineering;  Siou Mecanique Services;  Sling's Upholstery;  Snowman Marine;  Soca Sailboats;  Socarex;  SODIMEX;  Soper's Hole Wharf & Marina;  Southern Supplies;  Sparkle Laundry;  Speed Clean Coin Laundry;  Spice Island Marine;  Spronk Megayacht Services;  St Barth's Boatyard;  St Croix Marine;  St Francois Plongee;  St Kitts Marine Works;  St Maarten Sails;  St Martin Marine Surveyor;  St Thomas Diving Club;  St Vincent Marine Upholstery & Canvas;  Star Marine;  Startek Marine;  Steel Refrigeration;  Stevens Laundry & Dry Cleaners;  Subzero Air Control;  Sud Marine Electronic;  Sud Voilerie;  Suds Laundry;  Sunny Isle Laundry;  Superb Sails & Canvas Works;  Superior Machine Shop & Engineering Works;  Sure Power;  Survival Anchorage;  Sweet Water Marina;  SXM Sellerie;  Sylvia's Dry Cleaners; 

T: T & T Marine Electrical;  Tan Tan;  Taylor Engineering Agencies;  Taylor's Varnishing;  Team Number One;  Teamwork Marine;  Tech Dive Services;  Technical & General Services;  TechNick;  TechniMarine;  Technique Cap Marine;  Technique Marine;  Techniques Yacht Painter;  Thaddeus Thomas;  The Boatyard;  The Canvas Shop;  The Carpenter's Shop;  The Grenada Yacht Club;  The Landings;  The Moorings;  The Safety Pelican;  The Sail Loft;  The Ship's Carpenter;  The Signal Locker;  The Upholstery Shop;  The Wired Sailor;  The Woodshop;  The Yacht Shop;  Thomas & Sons;  Ti Bout';  Tilikum;  Time Out Boatyard (TOBY);  Titan Marine Air;  TMTT;  Tony Crater;  Tony’s Marine Refinishing Services;  Tony's Laundromat;  Tool Meister;  Top Gun Marine;  Tortola Yacht Services;  Total Cleaning;  Total Fabrication;  Toutes Reparations Electriques;  Trincity Chrome;  Trinidad Rigging;  Trintrac;  Tropical Creations Upholstery;  Tropical Marine;  Tropical Sail Loft;  Tropical Sub;  True Blue Marina;  Turbulence;  Turbulence Sails;  Twins;  Tyrrel Bay Haul Out;  Tyson; 

U: UAL Weldequip;  UBS Dive Center;  Ullman Sails;  Ultimate Filtration;  Ultra Yacht Refit;  Underwater Safaris;  Unitech Marine Services;  Uship; 

V: Venio Woodwork;  Vessel Integrity Preservation;  VI Marine Refinishing;  Village Cay Marina;  Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour;  Virgin Islands Canvas;  VITO;  Voile Caraibe;  Voile Caraibes;  Voilerie Assistance;  Voilerie du Marin;  Voiles Incidences; 

W: W.I.N.D.;  Wallace & Co;  Warner's One Stop;  Washboard Laundry;  Water World Outfitters;  Watermaker Services;  Wayfarer Marine;  Waypoint;  Webster's Canvas Works & Upholstery;  Welding Tec;  Wesco Awning & Marine Canvas;  West Coast Fabricators & Welders;  West End Laundromat;  West Indies Marine Surveyors;  West Indies Nautic Dist;  West Indies Sails;  WFB Laundromat;  Wheatley's Harbour View Marina;  Whisper Cove Marina;  Winfield Sargent;  Woburn Marine Services;  Woodkrafts;  Woodstock;  Woodstock Boatbuilders;  Woody's Paint Shop;  Works International; 

X: Xtreme Marine; 

Y: Yacht Club de Saintes;  Yacht Club Isle de Sol;  Yacht Club Port de Plaisance;  Yacht Maintenance Services;  Yachtfix Electrics and Electronics;  Yachting Caribbean;  Yachting Engineering Systems;  Yave Marine;  YES (Yachting Engineering Systems); 

Z: There must be one somewhere!

2 Limits Dive Centre; 

2 Swedes; 

3M Interamerica Inc; 

6 Paq Scuba;  

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