Yacht Services & Facilities on The United States Virgin Islands (USVIs)

The yacht services and facilities set up to serve cruising yachtsmen and charterers in this hugely popular cruising area can be found on just three saintly islands - St Croix, St John & St Thomas.

Unless you're an American, don't even think about sailing there from the BVI's unless you've got a US visa in your passport. You won't be made welcome without one...

Taylor Made Us Virgin Island Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Currency:  US Dollars

Official Language: English

International Dialing Code: +1 340

Ports of Entry: St Croix (Gallows Bay at Christiansted), St John (Waterfront at Cruz Bay), St Thomas (Wharfside at the Ferry Dock).

Click on any one of the following to find an on-island provider:~

If the particular Yacht Service or Facility that you're looking for isn't shown here, it means that it probably isn't available on this island. If you know differently, then please let us know...

Boatyards & Marinas

American Yacht Harbor (St Thomas): ph 775-6454;

Compass Point Marina (St Thomas): ph 775-6144;

Crown Bay Marina (St Thomas): ph 774-2255;

Fish Hawk Marina (St Thomas): ph 775-9058;

Frenchtown Marina (St Thomas): ph 777-9690;

Green Cay Marina (St Croix): ph 773-1453;

Haulover Marine (St Thomas): ph 776-2078;

Independent Boatyard (St Thomas): ph 776-0466;

Salt River Marina (St Croix): ph 778-9650;

St Croix Marine (St Croix): ph 773-0289;

Chandleries & Fishing Gear Suppliers

Budget Marine (St Thomas): ph 779-2219;

Lighthouse Marine (St Thomas): ph 774-4379;

Ruan's Marine (St Thomas): ph 775-6346;

Dinghy Repair & Liferaft Services

Caribbean Inflatable Service (St Thomas): ph 775-6159;

Dive Centres

6-Paq Scuba (St John): ph 626-7700;

Admiralty Dive Center (St Thomas): ph 777-9802;

Anchor Dive Centre (St Croix): ph 778-1522;

Aqua Action (St Thomas): ph 775-6285;

Blue Island Divers (St Thomas): ph 774-2001;

Cane Bay Dive Shop (St Croix): ph 773-9913;

Caribbean Divers (St Thomas): ph 775-6384;

Chris Sawyer Diving Center (St Thomas): ph 777-7804;

Coki Beach Dive Club (St Thomas): ph 775-4220;

Cruz Bay Watersports (St John): ph 776-6234;

Dive Experience (St Croix): ph 773-3307;

Dive In (St Thomas): ph 775-6100;

Dive St Croix: ph 773-3434;

Low Key Watersports (St John); ph 693-8999;

SCUBA (St Croix): ph 773-5994;

Scubawest (St Croix): ph 772-3701;

St Thomas Diving Club (St Thomas): ph 776-2381;

Underwater Safaris (St Thomas): ph 774-1350;

Water World Outfitters (St Thomas): ph 774-2992;

Laundries for Cruisers

C&J Laundromat (St Croix): ph 773-2036;

Island Laundry & Dry Cleaners (St Thomas): ph 774-4567;

Johannes Laundry (St Croix): ph 778-7602;

Neighborhood Laundry (St Croix): ph 778-6138;

Rodgers Laundromat (St Thomas): ph 776-9697;

Sunny Isle Laundry (St Croix): ph 778-6606;

Tony's Laundromat (St Croix): ph 772-4580;

Washboard Laundry (St Thomas): ph 774-8276;

WFB Laundromat (St Croix): ph 773-8157;

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

Reefco Marine Refrigeration

Location: Frenchtown, St Thomas, USVIs

Phone: ph 776-0038;

We specialize in marine refrigeration, air conditioning, ice makers, and reverse osmosis watermakers.

Website: www.reefco.net

email: reefcoservices@gmail.com

Reefco Marine Refrigeration (St Thomas): ph 776-0038;

Rigging Services

Island Rigging & Hydraulics (St Thomas): ph 774-6833;

Sailmakers,  Canvaswork & Upholstery

Calypsew Canvas (St Croix): ph 719_2398;

Canvas Factory & Lee Sails (St John): ph 776-6196;

Coral Bay Sails (St John): ph 776-6665;

Manfred Dietrich Canvas Works (St Thomas): ph 774-4335;

Quantum Sails

Location: St Thomas, USVIs

Phone: ph 777-5638;

From the largest sail loft, marine canvas, and awning systems company in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  We have been in business for over 18 years, providing reliable, friendly, courteous, and professional service to the yachting community...

Website: www.sails.vi

Quantum Sails (St Thomas): ph 777-5638;

The Sail Loft (Doyle) (St Thomas): ph 775-1712;

Virgin Islands Canvas (St Thomas): ph 774-3229;

Wesco Awning & Marine Canva (St Croix)s: ph 778-9446;

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