Yacht Services & Facilities on St Martin

St Martin is a two-nation island lying in the Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean. One part (St Martin) is French, the other (St Maarten) is Dutch.

The yacht service providers in St Martin are renowned throughout the Eastern Caribbean. This is a tax free island, so equipment prices are very competitive and skilled marine tradesmen and craftsmen are available to get pretty much any kind of work done on your boat to a high standard.

If you need work done on your boat, or want to buy a high-value item this is the place to come to!

Taylor Made St Maarten Courtesy Flag, 12

Currency:  Euros, US Dollars and Guilders

Official Language: French, English, Dutch

International Dialing Code for Sint Maarten: +1-721 followed by the 7 digit local number.

International Dialing Code for St Martin: +1-590 then the city code 590 (a second time) and then the six-digit number.

Ports of Entry: Phillipsburg and Simpson Bay (on Dutch side); Marigot on French side. 

Boatyards & Marinas

Bobby's Marina (Sint Maarten): ph 599-542 2366;

Captain Oliver's (St Martin): ph 0590-87-33-47;

Dock Martin (Sint Maarten): ph 599-542-5705;

Geminga (St Martin): ph 090-29-35-52;

Great House Marina (Sint Maarten): ph 599-571416;

Island Water World (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5310;

JMC Boatyard (St Martin): ph 0590-77-10-05;

Simpson Bay Bobby's (Sint Maarten): ph 599-545-2890

Lagoon Marina

Location: Cole Bay, St Maarten

Phone: +1 (721) 544 2611

Short and long term rental, a sail maker, electronics shop, marine electrics, a woodshop, refrigeration/AC services, a machine and engineering shop.

Website: www.lagoon-marina.com

email: info@lagoon-marina.com

Lagoon Marina (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-2611;

Marina Fort St Louis (St Martin): ph 0590-5151-11-11;

Marina Port La Royale (St Martin): ph 0590-87-20-43;

Palapa Marina (Sint Maarten): ph 599-545-2735;

Polypat (St Martin): ph 0590-87-12-01;

Portofino Marina (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5174;

Radisson Marina (St Martin): ph 0590-87-31-94;

Simpson Bay Marina (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-2309;

Time Out Boatyard (TOBY) (St Martin): ph 0590-52-02-88;

Yacht Club Isle de Sol (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-2408;

Yacht Club Port de Plaisance (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-4565;

Chandleries & Fishing Gear Suppliers

Boat Paint & Stuff (St Martin): ph 0690-55-65-41;

Budget Marine (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5577/3134;

Island Water World (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5310;

L'lle Marine (St Martin): ph 0590-29-08-60;

Madco (St Martin): ph 0590-51-05-40;

Marine Trading (Sint Maarten): ph 0599-522-5651;

Team Number One (St Martin): ph 0590-87-58-27;

Diesel Mechanics

Bobby's Marina (Sint Maarten): Philipsburg, ph 599-522-2366;

Caraibes Diesel Services (St Martin): ph 0590-87-03-73, 0690-38-39-75;

Diesel Outfitters (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-2320;

Mendall General Engineering (St Martin): ph 0590-29-69-40, 0590-87-05-94, 0590-51-01-46;

Simpson Bay Diesel (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5397;

Dinghy Repair & Liferaft Services

Dinghy Spot (St Martin): ph 0690-32-82-11;

Egreteau Marine Services (Sint Maarten): ph 590 87 23 92;

Dive Centres

2-Limits Dive Centre (St Martin): ph 0696-34-14-00, 50-04-00;

Dive Safaris (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5252;

Ocean Explorers (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5252;

Octoplus (St Martin): ph 0590-87-20-62;

Scuba Fun Caraibes (St Martin): ph 0590-87-36-13, 599-577-0505;

Scuba Shop (St Martin): ph 0590-87-48-01, 599-545-3213;

Electrical & Electronic Services

Advanced Marine Systems (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-3482, 599-522-9760;

Atlantis Marine (Sint Maarten): ph 599-557-9760;

Electec (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-4512/2051;

Necol (Sint Maarten): ph 599-545-2349;

The Wired Sailor (Sint Maarten): ph 599-580-7733;

Gas Bottle Refills

Budget Marine (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5577/3134;

Hull Painting and Brightwork Specialists

Kenny Awlgrip (Sint Maarten): ph 599-587-6942;

Star Marine (St Martin): ph 0690-73-05-88;

Hull Repair & Gelcoat Specialists


Location:  St. Maarten Shipyard on Airport Road

Phone: 599-544-3146;

Specialists in fine woodwork, structural and cosmetic fibreglass work including composites

Website: maintecsxm.com

email: maintec@sintmaarten.net

Maintech (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-3146:

Polypat Caraibes (St Martin): ph 0590-87-12-01;

Star Marine (St Martin): ph 0690-73-05-88;

Laundries for Cruisers

Shrimpy's Laundry (Sint Maarten): ph 590 27 16 88;

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

Ener-Tech (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-2460;

Frostline (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-4733/5691;

Mendall (St Martin): ph 0590-29-69-40, 0590-87-05-94, 0590-51-01-46;


Location: Palapa Marina, Airport Boulevard, Simpson Bay, St Maarten.

Phone: 599-557-5780;

Our technicians work on Marine Air, Cruisair, Carrier, Dometic, Iceberg, Sub-Zero, Sea Frost, Isotherm, Veco, Aqua-Air, U-Line, Condaria, Danfoss, Norcold, Waeco, Hoshizaki, Climma, Webasto, Calpeda, March Pumps, Scot Pump, Grundfos, Scotsman, Frigoboat, Cruisair and other systems.

Website: www.permafrostrefrigeration.com

email: service@permafrostrefrigeration.com

Permafrost (Sint Maarten): ph 599-557-5780;

Rob Marine (Sint Maarten): ph 599-554-6333;

Teamwork Marine (Sint Maarten): ph 599-555-4555;

Rigging Services

FKG Rigging (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-4733/5691;

M.U.S.T Yacht Rigging (St Martin): ph 0590-44-16-16

Sailmakers,  Canvaswork & Upholstery

Grenadine Sails (St Martin): ph 0590-87-41-35;

St Maarten Sails (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5231;

Tropical Sail Loft (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-5472;

Voile Caraibes (St Martin): ph 0590-87-06-04;

Shipwrights & Carpenters

Caamano Marine (Sint Maarten): ph 599-524-0075;

Maintech (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-3146:

Watermaker Services

Electec (Sint Maarten): ph 599-544-4512/2051;

Welding & Stainless Steel Fabrication

Havin's Marine (Sint Maarten): ph 599-552-0530;

M.C.J. Fabrication (St Martin): ph 0590-87-05-94;

Yacht Management & Guardianage

Captain Oliver's (St Martin): ph 0590-87-33-47;

Yacht Surveyors

St Martin Marine Surveyor (St Martin): ph 590-690-885-688;

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