No Yacht Brokers Here!
Only Sailboats For Sale Privately By Their Owners

Here's where boat owners advertise their sailboats for sale privately, absolutely free of brokerage charges or any other fees or costs.

But perhaps you've already placed your pride and joy with a yachtbroker, or advertised it for sale elsewhere? No problem!

Further exposure to the used boat market here will do no harm, and may well find the very person looking for a sailboat like yours.

So why not place your own advertisement right here on too, and pay nothing? And if you haven't yet put your boat with a broker, you should definitely offer your sailboat for sale privately here first.  

And if your boat is of the long-distance, liveaboard variety we'll also put your ad on our Facebook page Liveaboard Sailboats for Sale!

How to Submit Your Own Advertisement

Advertising your sailboats for sale privately couldn't be easier - just read the advice on this page, and then...

Your advertisement will then open up on its own page like the latest examples shown  shown below:

If you haven't already, just click on one or more of them. A full page advert like these will cost you --------- Nothing!

First though, a few selling tips...

Here's how to make your advertisement attractive to potential buyers...


You get a full page for your advertisement.

It won't be mixed up with a load of others, so it's important that your ad fills the page—otherwise the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) will ignore it and none of your potential buyers will get to see it.

If you follow these selling tips you should have no difficulty at all in writing at least 400 words to describe your boat.

In fact, this is a minimum requirement for publication on

Don't waste this opportunity (and your own time) by submitting a 'skinny' ad for publication.

  • Good pics of your sailboat are essential! The most important of which is a general shot of the entire boat, preferably underway or at anchor, plus some interior and cockpit shots. Note: If you have any problems uploading your pics, send them to me ( separately as attachments to an email, and I'll do any necessary resizing and formatting.
  • Give a full description of your boat and tell us what type of construction she is. Fibreglass, wood, ferro-cement, steel or aluminium? Teak decks? How many berths? Engine make and horsepower?
  • Describe her condition and explain how you've updated and maintained her over the years. 
  • Detail exactly what is included in the sale, together with an inventory of electronics, sails and other equipment. Dinghy and outboard? Life raft etc?
  • Her vital statistics; Length overall, beam, draft and displacement.
  • Where is she currently berthed? 
  • You could perhaps describe how you've used her and how she's looked after you. For example: "She's taken us safely around the world and is ready to go again", or "Only sailed in the fresh water of Lake Michigan". What are her endearing qualities?
  • Maybe explain why you're selling her, and why you believe she'd appeal to a prospective buyer.
  • Have all taxes been paid? European VAT for example?
  • Where was she built, and who by? 
  • When was she built and who was she designed by?
  • and of course, your asking price!

There's no limit on space! You can put as much as you like in your advertisement. The more detailed your description, the more your potential buyer will be drawn into your advertisement.

Finally, remember to include your contact details. As a minimum this must include an email address, but if you wish you can include your first (or full) name and a telephone number. In doing so of course, you understand and accept that may disclose these details to anyone in regard to the sale of your boat - which, of course, is the whole point of it... 

Finally, will propagate your completed advertisement on sailing-related social media sites including our own on Facebook and Pinterest - and all for free of course!

And I'll also refer to your advertisement on my free monthly newsletter...

So, what are you waiting for?

Let's get started!

In offering your sailboats for sale privately on you're taking advantage of a free opportunity that you'll have to pay for on most other sites. We hope you sell your boat soon. Please let us know when it's sold and we'll take the advertisement down, to avoid further inquiries.  If you haven't told us otherwise after your ad has been up and running for six months or so, we'll assume the boat is sold. must make a disclaimer at this point, in as much as this is a free service intended to put you and a potential buyer in contact. accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with this free service.

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