Cruiser's Laundry Services in the Eastern Caribbean

If you've got a large yacht with an onboard plumbed-in washing machine, a built-in generator and a watermaker capable of producing copious amounts of water then you probably won't need onshore laundry services.

Many of us with more humble cruising boats use saltwater to wash our clothes, then rinse it out in fresh water. Fine for a while, but sooner or later a proper wash to get it properly clean and free of salt will be needed.

The Islands listed here each have at least one such onshore laundry.

Clicking on the island will get you their names and contact details. 

If you know of any shoreside launderies that should be listed here - but aren't - please let us know...

Cruiser's Laundry Services in...


Taylor Made Antigua Courtesy Flag; 24'' X 36''

Burton's Laundry: ph (268) 462-7595;

Maude's Laundry: ph (268) 460-2902;

Ms Baltimore's Laundry: ph (268) 728-6366;


Taylor Made St Vincent Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Daffodil Marine: ph (784) 458 3942;

Lighthouse Laundry: ph (784) 458 3084;

Papa Mitch: ph (784) 458 7222;


Taylor Made Grenada Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Carriacou Marine; ph 443 6906

My Beautiful Laundrette: ph 403 0164;


Taylor Made Dominican Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Lin's Laundry & Dry Cleaning: ph 767-448-3497;


Taylor Made Grenada Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Henry Safari

Location: St Georges, Grenada;

Phone: ph 444 5313;

Brokerage services, Airport Pick-up and Drop-off, Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), Fuel Bunkering, Provisioning, Berth Reservations, Mail and Package Service, Courier Packages, Flights and Travel Arrangements, Floral Arrangements, Garbage Disposal , Propane bottle refilling, Laundry.



Henry Safari: ph 444 5313;


Taylor Made France Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Press'Net: ph 0590 81 50 99;


Taylor Made France Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Laverie Prolaunet: ph (0596) 66 07 79;

St Kitts

Taylor Made St Kitts Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Warner's One Stop: ph (869) 865 8630;

St Lucia

Taylor Made St Lucia Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Suds Laundry: ph (758) 285 4388;

Sint Maarten (Dutch)

Taylor Made Netherlands Dyed Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

St Martin (French)

Taylor Made France Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Shrimpy's Laundry: ph 590 27 16 88;

The BVIs

Taylor Made British Virgin Islands Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

Bracknell's Laundromat (Tortola): ph 495-2369;

Freeman’s Laundry (Tortola): ph 494-2285;

Speed Clean Coin Laundry (Tortola): ph 494-9428;

Sylvia's Dry Cleaners (Tortola): ph 494-2230;

West End Laundromat (Tortola): ph 495-4463;

Stevens Laundry & Dry Cleaners (Virgin Gorda): ph 495-5925;


Taylor Made Us Virgin Island Courtesy Flag; 12'' X 18''

C&J Laundromat (St Croix): ph 773-2036;

Johannes Laundry (St Croix): ph 778-7602;

Neighborhood Laundry (St Croix): ph 778-6138;

Sunny Isle Laundry (St Croix): ph 778-6606;

Tony's Laundromat (St Croix): ph 772-4580;

WFB Laundromat (St Croix): ph 773-8157;

Island Laundry & Dry Cleaners (St Thomas): ph 774-4567;

Rodgers Laundromat (St Thomas): ph 776-9697;

Washboard Laundry (St Thomas): ph 774-8276;

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