Yacht Services & Facilities on Dominica

Dominica, the southernmost of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean, is the favourite Caribbean Island of many cruising yachtsmen.

Not because of an abundance of yacht service providers - which are somewhat sparse - but more so because of its natural unspoiled beauty and the friendliness of its people.

As you sail  into Rupert Bay at the northern end of Dominica, you're likely to be approached by a member of The Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services (PAYS) in a water taxi. These gentlemen provide an invaluable service to visiting cruisers, more of which below...

National Flag of DominicaNational Flag of Dominica

Currency:  Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC)

Official Language: English

International Dialing Code: +1. In Dominica, just dial the last seven numbers.

Ports of Entry: Roseau and Portsmouth

Click on any one of the following to find an on-island provider:~

If the particular Yacht Service or Facility that you're looking for isn't shown here, it means that it probably isn't available on this island. If you know differently, then please let us know...

Dominica Yacht Services:

Boatyards & Marinas

Dominica Marine Centre: ph 767-448-2705;

Chandleries & Fishing Gear Suppliers

Budget Marine: ph 758-445-4322;

Dominica Marine Centre: ph 767-448-2705;

Security & Outdoor World: ph 758-440-3475;

Diesel Mechanics

Dominica Marine Centre: ph 767-448-2705; 

Igna Mitchell: ph 767-315-7209;

Dive Centres

Aldive: ph 767-440-3483;

Anchorage Dive Centre: ph 767-448-2639;

Cabrits Dive Centre: ph 767-445-3010;

Dive Dominica: ph 767-448-2188;

East Carib Dive: ph 767-449-6575;

Fort Young Dive Centre: ph 767-448-5000;

Nature Island Dive: ph 767-449-8181;

Electrical & Electronic Services

Dominica Yacht Services: ph 767-440-2628;

Kool Air & Electric: ph 767-445-3030;

Gas Bottle Refills

Budget Marine: ph 758-445-4322;

And see PAYS below...

Laundries for Cruisers

Lin's Laundry & Dry Cleaning: ph 767-448-3497;

And see PAYS below...

Outboard Motor Service & Repair

Igna Mitchell: ph 767-315-7209;

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers

Kool Air & Electric: ph 767-445-3030;

Welding & Stainless Steel Fabrication

Michael's Marine Services: ph 767-449-1526;

Yacht Management & Guardianage

Dominica Yacht Services: ph 767-440-2628;

The Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services ('PAYS') 

These guys are a group of licensed Tour Guides, all of whom have an indepth knowledge of - and love for - their island. And if you haven't yet been on an Indian River tour with one of them, I strongly recommend that you do so. It really is an unforgettable experience.

They all have individual logos painted on their boats...

Martin Carriere and his boat 'Providence'Martin Carrierre, Tour Guide ~ an all-round good guy to know...

'PAYS' Members, by boat name:~

'Albert': phone 767 317 5433; email albertshoreservices@hotmail.com.

'Alexis': Alexis Faustin, phone 767 317 0901;

'Charlie': phone 767 2255428;

'Cobra': Andrew O'Brien, phone 767 445 3333; email info@cobratours.dm

'Eddison': Eddison Laville, phone 767 225 3623; email edisonlaville@hotmail.com

'Lawrence of Arabia': phone 767 225 3632; email lawrence-of-dominica@hotmail.com

'Providence': Martin Carriere, phone 767 445 3008; email carriere@hotmail.com

'Sea Bird': Jeffrey Frank, phone 767 245 0125; email seabird123@hotmail.com

'Spaghetti': Eric, phone 767 445 4729;

All carry a VHF and monitor Channel 16. Call them by their boat name.

They're not just tour guides:-

  • they'll find you a mooring - or a place to anchor if you prefer - and guide you to it;
  • they'll take you to Customs & Immigration, and bring you back to your boat;
  • they'll fetch you diesel, petrol and water in your cannisters;
  • they'll get your laundry done and refill your gas bottles;
  • in fact, they'll help you in any way that they can.

They also provide a security service by patrolling the mooring/anchorage area at night.

Oh yes, and they arrange a shoreside jump-up on Sunday afternoons in Portsmouth - they definitely get my vote!

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