The Hanse 588 Sailboat
Specs & Key Performance Indicators

The Hanse 588 is a luxury sailing yacht designed by Judel/Vrolijk & Co and built by HanseYachts AG. This model was first introduced in 2017 and remained in production until 2020. During this period, a total of 50 Hanse 588 sailboats were produced, reflecting its exclusive status within the sailing community.

Hanse 588Making good progress

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Hanse 588 sail plan & underwater profileThere two further keel options:
Deep keel: 2.85m (9'4")
Shallow keel: 2.25m (7'5")
Hanse 588 Interior LayoutOne of several interior layout options

Published Specification for the Hanse 588

Underwater Profile: Bulb Fin Keel & Spade Rudder

Hull Material: GRP (Fibreglass)

Length Overall: 56'5" (17.2m)

Waterline Length: 49'9" (15.2m)

Beam: 17'1" (5.2m)

Draft: 8'8" (2.7m)

Rig Type: Fractional Sloop

Displacement: 50,265lb (22,800kg)

Ballast: 16,534lb (7,500kg)

Published Design Ratios for the Hanse 588

Sail Area/Displacement Ratio: 19.9

Ballast/Displacement Ratio: 32.9

Displacement/Length Ratio: 183

Comfort Ratio: 34.4

Capsize Screening Formula: 1.85

Performance Predictions based on the Design Ratios

Based on the provided design ratios, the Hanse 588 sailboat is expected to perform well in a variety of sailing conditions.

  • The Sail Area/Displacement Ratio of 19.9 suggests that the yacht has a good sail area for its weight, indicating a design that should provide good speed in light to moderate winds.
  • The Ballast/Displacement Ratio of 32.9 suggests a moderate stability. However, as she has much of her ballast concentrated in a bulb at the foot of her keel, she's likely to be considerably stiffer than her published Ballast/Displacement Ratio might suggest.
  • The Displacement/Length Ratio of 183 is relatively low, suggesting that the boat is a light displacement sailboat. If she's loaded with too much heavy cruising gear her performance will suffer to a degree.
  • The Comfort Ratio of 34.4 suggests that the Hanse 588 will have the motion of a moderate bluewater cruising boat - a predictable and acceptable motion for most seasoned sailors.
  • Finally, the Capsize Screening Formula of 1.85 is below the commonly cited threshold of 2.0 for offshore cruising yachts, indicating that the Hanse 588 has a relatively low risk of capsize and should be safe for offshore sailing. However, as with any boat, the actual performance and safety will depend on the skill and experience of the crew, as well as the specific sailing conditions.

The Designer

Judel/Vrolijk & Co is a renowned yacht design team based in Germany, known for their innovative and high-performance designs. The team was founded by Rolf Vrolijk and Fietje Judel, who have been creating exceptional yachts since the 1970s.

Their portfolio includes a wide range of sailboats, from racing yachts to luxury cruisers. Notably, they are the designers behind the Dehler 38, a popular performance cruiser, and the Hanse 315, an award-winning family cruiser.

They also designed the high-speed racing yacht Alinghi, which won the America's Cup in 2003 and 2007. Their designs are celebrated for their balance of speed, comfort, and ease of handling.

The Builder

HanseYachts AG is a prominent German boatbuilding company founded in 1990 by Michael Schmidt. The company started its journey with the production of the Hanse 291, which quickly gained popularity due to its innovative design and high performance.

Over the years, HanseYachts AG has expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of sailboats, including the Hanse 315, Hanse 348, and Hanse 418, among others.

The company also produces luxury motor yachts under the brands Dehler, Moody, Privilège, and Sealine. HanseYachts AG has consistently pushed the boundaries of yacht design and construction, earning a reputation for quality and innovation.

As of now, HanseYachts AG is still very much in business, continuing to produce high-quality sailing and motor yachts for the global market.

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