The 2-In-1 Recovery Ladder

The 2-In-1 Recovery Ladder gets people back on board in no time at all, whether it's a swimmer ready to get out of the water or someone incapacitated in some way. Compact and easy to use, the 2-In-1 Recovery Ladder is a great convenience for sailors - and can be a lifesaver when you need it!

Recovery Marine's Recovery Ladder in 'unassisted' mode.In normal use, the Recovery Ladder provides easy access aboard for swimmers and dinghy occupants.
Recovery Marine's Recovery Ladder in 'rescue' mode.The added value of the Recovery Ladder is clearly evident in a man-overboard situation, where the attachment of a halyard enables the casualty to be winched aboard safely and efficiently.

The Recovery Ladder retails for $82.50

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  • EASY/FAST/ONE-PERSON OPERATION: One crew member can deploy the 2-In-1 Ladder in minutes.
  • ASSIST & RESCUE: Multi-function ability provides for use as a regular boarding ladder, and for emergency use as a man-overboard recovery system. 
  • FOUR ATTACHMENT POINTS: Provide solid, secure stability and allow the 2-In-1 Recovery Ladder to be secured to the cleat, gunwale, stanchion base or other available strong points.
  • EASY STORAGE/CONVENIENCE: Compact size allows for easy storage, while the 2-In-1 Recover Ladder's high-visibility neon yellow mesh bag is incorporated into the design, so you'll never lose its case.
  • SIZE: Folded 20" x 12" (500mm x 300mm)
  • WIDTH: Rung size 14½" (37mm)
  • WEIGHT: Lightweight 7.2 lbs.
  • LENGTH: Deployed ladder length is 7' 6" (2.3m), enabling a person in the water to step onto the lowest rung with ease.
  • STEPS: Five steps enable a person to use their knees to control the ladder in the water to prevent falling under the boat, while well-spaced rungs provide stable foot and handholds.
  • MATERIALS: Heavy-duty wrap knitted polyester mesh.
  • 'SOFT' Design: Unlike typical boarding ladders, the mesh 2-In-1 Recovery Ladder won’t hurt someone when the boat rolls.
  • RINSE/DRY/REPEAT: Rinse off, fold the quick-drying 2-In-1 Recovery Ladder, and return to its attached pouch for re-use.
  • FOR SAIL OR POWER VESSELS: With up to 6-foot topsides, water to gunwale.

The 2-In-1 Recovery Ladder is marketed and supplied by Recovery Marine of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Recovery Marine

Use the Code sailboatcruiser at Check-Out to Get Your Recovery Ladder at the special discount price of $74.25!

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