Live Aboard Boats for Sale by their Owners

In collating this listing of live aboard boats for sale, we've taken the view that living aboard a sailboat smaller than 32 feet is unlikely to provide her occupant(s) with a high degree of comfort - nor would a stripped-out, light-displacement racer of any length. 

And what qualifies a boat as suitable for living aboard is very much a personal view.

For example, some liveaboard sailors - happy to rely on a diesel generator - will tell you that they couldn't possibly manage without a flat screen TV and a plumbed-in washing machine, whilst others - more reasonably in my view - consider self-sufficiency in terms of drinking water (through rain water collection and/or a reverse osmosis water maker) and green electrical power (from a wind turbine and/or solar panels) to be primary requirements. 

All the boats below are offered for sale by their owners, many of which live aboard their boats for considerable periods at a time.

Live-Aboard Sailboats under 40 feet

Single-handers, provided they're content with a fairly spartan standard of living, will tell you that a thirty-two-footer is ideal for living aboard. A cruising couple though are likely to aspire to something with additional creature-comforts and a little more space below.

Having said that I know of two young cruising couples who crossed the Atlantic in their Sadler 25's and cruised the Caribbean in them, so you really don't need a big cruising boat - it's better to cruise in a small boat than not to cruise at all!

Sailboats approaching 40 feet, like the larger ones shown below, are more likely to appeal to them.

Relatively easy to maintain and considerably less expensive to own and operate than those above 40 (particularly so if you're inclined to spend much time in marinas) they represent the minimum size range for comfortable living aboard.

'Pompoen', a Hans Christian 34

Location: Trinidad, West Indies

Asking Price: $42,000

'Shindig', a Custom Design Performance Cruiser

Location: Grenada, West Indies

Asking Price: $75,000

'Just Friends', a Hunter 376

Location: Puerto Rico, West Indies

Asking Price: $70,000

Bowman 36 THUMB'Cloud'

'Cloud', a Bowman 36

Location: Oriental, North Carolina, USA

Asking Price: $73,500

more 'Cloud' pics, info and owner's contact details...

Allied Seawind MkII sailboat - anchored'Seawind'

'Seawind', an Allied Seawind MkII

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Asking Price: $59,700

more 'Seawind' pics, info and owner's contact details...

Rival 38, 'Manhe', alongside'Manhé-1'

'Manhé-1', a Rival 38

Location: The Canary Islands, returning to Mediterranean in May 2023

Asking Price: €78,000

more 'Manhé-1' pics, info and owner's contact details...

'Anna', a Bavaria 390 sailboat at anchor'Anna'

'Anna', a Bavaria 390

Location: Trinidad, West Indies

Asking Price: $35,000

more 'Anna' pics, info and owner's contact details...

'Freja', a Voyager 35 Sailboat'Freja'

'Freja', a Voyager 35

Location: Martinique, French West Indies

Asking Price: €35,000

more 'Freja' pics, info and owner's contact details...

'Hero', a Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37 sailboat'Hero'

'Hero', a Pacific Seacraft 37

Location: The Caribbean

Asking Price: $139,000  now $125,000!

more 'Hero' pics and info...

'Sea Wraith', a Hustler 35 sailboat'Sea Wraith'

'Sea Wraith', a Hustler 35

Location: Kent, UK

Asking Price: £17,000

more 'Sea Wraith' pics and info...

Wharram Tiki 38 Thumb2

'Iko Iko', a Wharram Tiki 38 Catamaran

Location: Key West, Florida USA

Asking Price: $75,000

more 'Iko Iko' pics and info...

IP 350, GoLightly, THUMB

'Golightly', an Island Packet 350

Location: Martinique, French West Indies

Asking Price: $88,000

more 'Golightly' pics and info...

'Charisma', a Downeaster 38

Location: Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, California USA

Asking Price: $70,000

'Kipperhips', a Moody 33s

Location: Cardiff, Wales UK

Asking Price: £32,000

'Maia', a Moody 376

Location: Martinique, French West Indies

Asking Price: €70,000

'Svea av Valleviken', an Overseas 35

Location: Grenada, West Indies

Asking Price: €89,000

'Rondinino', an Endurance 37

Location: Greece

Asking Price: €45,000

'Sophia', a Crealock 37

Location: Monterey, California, USA

Asking Price: $35,000

'Kesh', a Wauquiez Gladiateur 33

Location: Indiantown, Florida USA

Asking Price: $37,500

'Aphroditi', a Bavaria 37

Location: Athens, Greece

Asking Price: €62,000

A Cal 27 for saleCal 27

A Cal 27

Location: Waukegan, IL

Asking Price: $7,000

'Esther', an S&S Swan 36 for sale'Esther'

'Esther', an S&S Swan 36

Location: Charleston, South Carolina, USA 

Asking Price: $62,000

'Wild Goose', a 1982 Tartan 3000 for sale'Wild Goose'

'Wild Goose', a Tartan 3000

Location: Grenada, West Indies

Asking Price: $22,500 

A GibSea 37 Ketch for sale

A GibSea 37 Ketch

Location: Martinique, West Indies

Asking Price: €35,000

Live-Aboard Sailboats from 40 feet to 50 feet

Most live-aboard boats fall within this range. All have plenty of space for a cruising couple and all their gear, along with sizeable berths for visiting friends and family members. But watch those marina bills...

'Revelia', a Cheoy Lee 47 Ketch

Location: Grenada, West Indies

Asking Price: $154,900

'Wanuskewin', a Catalina 42 MkII 

Location: Lucaya, Grand Bahama

Asking Price: $105,000

'Pinta', a Bavaria 44AC  

Location: Tahiti

Asking Price: €120,000

'Helios', a Bavaria 44

Location: Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Asking Price: $120,000

'Magic', a Cherubini 44

Location: Punta Gorda, Florida, USA

Asking Price: $285,000

'Pegasus', a Gib'Sea 126

Location: Curaçao, Dutch Antilles

Asking Price: $50,000 $45,000

'Untethered Soul', a Vagabond 47

Location: Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Asking Price: $162,000 $135,000

Beneteau 473 sailboat'Merlin'

'Merlin', a Beneteau 473

Location: Rhode Island, USA

Asking Price: $179,000

more 'Merlin' pics, info and owner's contact details...

Hout Bay 40 'Mirage' THUMB

'Mirage', a Hout Bay 40

Location: Turkey

Asking Price: $99,500

more 'Mirage' pics and info...

'Windseeker', a Morgan 41 Out Island Ketch

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Asking Price: $60,000

'Sirius', a Beneteau Oceanis 46

Location: Chiapas, Mexico

Asking Price: $198,000 $159,000

'Music II', a Morgan 41 Classic

Location: Grenada, West Indies

Asking Price: $97,500

'Havanesey Day', a Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40

Location: Croatia/Montenegro

Asking Price: €475,000

'Celebration', a Morgan 415 Out Island Ketch

Location: St Petersburg, Florida, USA

Asking Price: $82,500

'Spellbound', a Hardin Seawolf 40

Location: Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Asking Price: $66,500

'Blue Jay', a J/40

Location: Cadiz, Spain

Asking Price: €80,000

'Allorshas', an Irwin 40 MKII Citation

Location: Boston, Massachusetts USA

Asking Price: $42,000

'Rhiannon', a Morgan 414 Out-Island Ketch

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Asking Price: $50,000

'Sea Note', an Endeavor 43 Staysail Ketch

Location: Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Asking Price: $125,000

'Coconut', a Contest 41S For Sale'Coconut'

'Coconut', a Contest 41S

Location: Norway

Asking Price: £74,999

'Lola', a Frans Maas 50 Schooner for sale'Lola'

'Lola', a Frans Maas 50 Schooner

Location: Colon, Panama

Asking Price: $65,900

A Hunter Passage 450 sailboat'Southern Cross', a Hunter Passage 450

'Southern Cross', a Hunter Passage 450

Location: Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Asking Price: $139,750

Live-Aboard Sailboats over 50 feet

Although many liveaboard boats within this range are owned and operated by just two people, they can become something of a liability in terms of running costs and an embarrassment when close-quarters maneuvering. 

But if space and luxury are your primary requirements, this is where to look.

'Searching for the Edge', a Bavaria 50 Vision

Location: Key Biscayne, Florida

Asking Price: $249,000

'Scraatch', a Sundeer 56  

Location: Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Asking Price: $300,000

'Rocky', a Pearson 530 

Location: Brunswick, Georgia USA

Asking Price: $205,000

Columbia 56, 'Lusty', anchoring THUMB'Lusty'

'Lusty', a Columbia 56

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Asking Price: $249,000

more 'Lusty' pics, info and owner's contact details...

'Aleria', a Bowman 57 Staysail Ketch for Sale'Aleria'

'Aleria', a Bowman 57

Location: Ireland

Asking Price: €275,000

A Tayana Flying Dutchman 50 Cutter for sale'Small World II', a Tayana 50

'Small World II' a Tayana Flying Dutchman 50

Location: Subic Bay Yacht Club, Philippines

Asking Price: $165,000

More pics and details...

A Beneteau 500 sailboat'Surgiamo', a Beneteau 500

'Surgiamo'a Beneteau 500

Location: Turkey

Asking Price: €125,000

More pics and details...

Tayana 55 Cutter‘La Scala a Mare’, a Tayana 55

‘La Scala a Mare’, a Tayana 55 Cutter

Location: Phuket, Thailand

Asking Price: $230,000

More about Living Aboard & Long Distance Sailing...

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